Craig Conover Says Whitney’s Betrayal Was ‘A Slap in the Face!’; Forgives Him Anyway

southern charm craig

Dang, Whitney! It’s like that, bruh? On last night’s Southern Charm, Craig Conover took his “good friends” Shepard “Shep” Rose and Whitney Benedict Arnold Sudler-Smith to visit his parents’ home in Delaware. After berating Craig in front of his parents as a lazy, drunken, debauched man-boy in need of immediate intervention (which, okay, Craig is…but still! In front of the ‘rents, Whitney!?), Craig understandably got pissed. Although they worked it out on the golf course – for now – Craig reflects in his Bravo blog just how betrayed he felt when it all went down. 

When he originally conceived of the idea to take his friends home to DE, Craig says he thought, “‘Why the heck not?’ I knew they would have a good time and be surprised to compare where I actually grew up to whatever they imagined in their heads.” He adds that he wanted the guys to see where he’d come from (and his 2.1 billion trophies of bygone days), so they’d get a better understanding of who he is now. And who he can be? “I knew they would have a great time, my parents would enjoy it, and that it would give them a deeper insight into who I really was as a person and where my roots really come from. Maybe seeing how successful I’ve been throughout my life would help them understand that I’m just going through a rough patch/low point in life and everything would be OK,” Craig explains. As for Craig NOT wanting to tell his parents about losing his job, he explains, “I didn’t want them to worry. I knew there was no way of telling them over the phone that I got fired and them not inherently thinking something was seriously wrong. Of course I was embarrassed, but my intentions weren’t from a selfish place.” He adds that “there was a lot of shame–they gave me the perfect childhood and have since provided me with everything I needed to become a very successful young adult. I didn’t think it was fair to them for me to be acting the way I was and losing my job after all of their hard work.”


Selfish motives or not, Craig’s intentions were bulldozed over when Whitney decided to play a little game called “Why Craig Is a Hot Damn Mess” at the dinner table in front of Craig’s parents. Craig says, “I just can’t believe how rude he was. Sure, he had had a little to drink, but I thought he would be able to handle himself a little better,” adding, “It just didn’t appear to be from a good place. It looked like he was trying to call me out and entertain himself with some dinner table drama.” Despite Whitney’s messy and mean-spirited behavior, Craig forgave him pretty quickly. (Can you imagine if these guys were Real Housewives? They’d be talking about this Delaware Dinner six seasons and umpteen reunions later! #southerncharmkeepsitmovin!)

Craig explains his quick forgiveness: “Whitney has to deal with us embarrassing him in front of his mom all of the time. This was the first chance he had gotten to do the same to me. Sure, the material he was using was a few levels higher than the stuff we embarrass him about, but I think he had been desensitized to the information and didn’t really understand the ramifications of what he was saying. He’s had my back too many times to count, we’re boys till the end, and because of that, I know he wouldn’t purposely ever do something malicious to me for a laugh.” Really? 


At the end of his Bravo blog, Craig tells us more about his “modeling career” (cough, cough – Cooper’s brokedown runway show), how he feels about Shep trying to advise him on “growing up,” and even T-Rav’s piling on about Craig’s partying ways. As for Whitney, Craig basically excuses his behavior by claiming, “It’s just Whitney being Whitney haha.” Hmmm. A little more forgiving than necessary, no? Makes one wonder what other dirt Whitney may have on Craig for him to fall into line so quickly.  


 Photo Credit: Bravo