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If you don’t owe child support on this season’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, chances are, you’re toying with the idea of opening a boutique. I’m really going to need these folks to step up their game! On last night’s episode, Erica Dixon is at her wit’s end with Lil’ Scrappy continuing to ignore his child support obligations. She estimates he’s behind close to $50,000, so she’s meeting with her attorney to see what her options are to get him to pay. Her lawyer advises her to petition the court to have him held in contempt. While she’s the last person who wants to see her former love behind bars–yet again–she’s doesn’t feel like she has any other options.

Thankfully, Yung Joc fancies himself a great father…and he’s not too bad at keeping his several baby mamas happy as well. Sina stops by the studio with some pound cake in hopes of wooing him back from the woman who he cheated on her with when she was pregnant with his twins…but don’t confuse his current girlfriend Khadiyah with the other woman also pregnant with another set of his twins when Sina was expecting. Khadiyah hasn’t added any baby’s to Joc’s growing football team yet, but she does like to pay for his studio time. She also pops in to see if he’s using her money wisely. Khadiyah isn’t used to taking the high road with Sina, but she’s trying, saying she has respect for his children’s mother(s). Sina wonders if Joc has shared with Khadiyah that they are still smashing (smashing, smashing…I love that Joc thought the word echoed throughout the studio!). Surprisingly, Khadiyah stays scarily calm, and Sina looses her cool to the point that Joc has to physically remove her from the building.


Joseline Hernandez is escorting a tearful Stevie J. to his thirty day rehab stint. He promises this is going to be the start of an new and better life for himself, his wife, and his children. Plus, hopefully it will placate the judge in his child support battle after failing too many drug tests while on probation. Speaking of child support, Momma Dee is floored when she’s enjoying an afternoon at the strip club with her son and he’s served with Erica’s child support papers. She goes to Erica in hopes of calmly talking her out of moving forward with enforcing the court order. Dee reminds Erica that Scrappy loves his daughter and gives Erica money when she needs it, but Erica retorts that isn’t what the order spells out for his financial responsibilities. I’m shocked at how Momma Dee keeps her cool before promising Erica that Scrappy will see her in court.

Following orders, Joseline isn’t going to mope while Stevie goes through treatment. She’s going to focus on rehearsing in the skimpiest outfit VH1 will allow without some kind of modesty bar. Karlie Redd interrupts Joseline’s rehearsal to catch up with her frenemy. After all, they haven’t seen each other in months, and Karlie wants to get to the bottom of the Stevie-rehab rumors. The women bond over their ability to hustle better than their counterparts. Karlie is still wary about going into business with Erica, and Joseline admits that she’s promised Stevie she’ll make nice with Mimi Faust in his absence. Also sitting down to fight over a man, Khadiyah and Sina are meeting for lunch to discuss their issues with Joc. Sina lists the ways in which Joc sends her mixed signals…from smacking her butt to bedding her. Khadiyah doesn’t want to accuse Sina of lying, but Joc has promised her that he’s not doing anything of the sort with Sina. Does Sina have any proof? Sina doesn’t have video…it’s not like she’s Mimi! I guess Khadiyah figure it out when she watches the season, right? Sina vows do anything to get Joc back, and since Khadiyah is so good at bank rolling Joc, Sina has no problem storming out of the restaurant, leaving Khadiyah to pay for her tab. 

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K. Michelle makes a cameo to catch up with Karlie, and she brings new Atlanta transplant Jessica Dime. K. Michelle needs to Karlie to introduce her to a good group of friends…none of the ladies who are holier than thou or like to bring the drama. So, basically, K. Michelle doesn’t want Jessica to have any cast members as friends. Karlie salivates at the opportunity to spread some gossip, revealing that Mimi has gone into business with Stevie. K. Michelle finds this news hilarious given Mimi’s obvious intent is just to piss off Joseline. Jessica reminds the women that she and Joseline are old friends, but the Puerto Rican princess hasn’t been answering her phone calls lately. Whatever could that be about? 

Waka Flocka may not be appearing on this season, but I’m happy to see that Deb is back and better than ever. Mimi approaches her for some advice as to how get out of this book deal with Nikko. Deb can’t believe Mimi made such a stupid business decision (she remember her porn, doesn’t she?), but she’s got a quick fix. If Nikko wants a cut of her first book deal, give it to him…with a ten page book that won’t make a dime, much less any best seller list. It won’t take Mimi any time to churn out three B.S. books to fulfill her contract with Nikko. Deb questions how Mimi’s horrible business deal with Nikko is any different than Mimi now partnering with Stevie for her new company. Mimi gets defensive, claiming its her way to make sure that Stevie makes money to support their daughter. Deb calls Mimi out on her assertions that her feelings for Stevie are now purely on a professional level. If that’s the case, Mimi shouldn’t have any problem sitting down with Joseline to put their beef aside for the sake of Stevie and Mimi’s daughter. Welcome back, Deb. We’ve needed you!

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So, let me get this straight…Stevie isn’t allowed to have any contact with the outside world while he’s in rehab, but VH1 can film it? Okay. Meanwhile, Joseline is sipping on champagne and trying on some Frederick’s of Hollywood wedding gowns. Across town, Erica wants to hear Rasheeda’s thoughts on her issues with Scrappy. Rasheeda is great friends with both Erica and Scrappy, so she’d prefer to stay neutral. Instead, she changes the subject to rehash her discovery of Kirk Frost’s secret apartment. Rasheeda accidentally lets it slip that Karlie is opening a boutique with someone else, and Erica is livid. Erica is fine if Karlie doesn’t want to go into business together, but Karlie should have at least had the decency to tell her! 

If Khadiyah wants proof, Sina will give her proof. She’s invited Joc over, and she’s hidden a camera to capture her lingerie fashion show and Joc sucking chocolate off her toes, two things I can’t unsee. It’s time for Mimi and Joseline’s grand meeting, and they women are sparring from the second they sit down. Mimi reminds Joseline that she’s only here because Stevie said Joseline wanted to apologize. Joseline was under the impression that she was there to discuss co-parenting with the maid tuned porn star. Nothing gets accomplished (shocking, I know), and Mimi can’t stomach another second with Joseline and her Florence Henderson wig. Given that she’s a “changed woman,” Joseline doesn’t leave her seat as Mimi hurls insults on her way out of the restaurant. That’s progress at least! 

lhhatl boutique opening

In less than a week, Karlie was able to go from talking about opening a boutique to hosting its grand opening. Only on “reality” television, y’all! K. Michelle and Jessica Dime come by for a hot minute to show their support, followed by Erica and Rasheeda who are their for slightly different reasons. Rasheeda is floored that Karlie had time to put an entire store together but couldn’t find a second to call Erica to share her plans. When Erica accuses Karlie of being shady, Jessica jumps in to defend her new friend before turning her hatred on Rasheeda. Since when is this any of her business? Rasheeda can’t hold her tongue, and she’s cursing up a storm on her way out as Erica knocks over jewelry displays. You show her, Erica. Geez. I just can’t with these women. 


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