Kim Kardashian Talks Bruce Jenner, Met Gala, And Selfies; Photos From Met Gala And Selfish Book Signing

Kim Kardashian Selfish

Kim Kardashian talked to Extra yesterday about Kim, Bruce Jenner, Kim, the Met Gala, Kim, her book of selfies, and a little bit more Kim for good measure.

About Bruce‘s interview with Diane Sawyer, Kim said, “It was amazing. He got such a great response, such a supportive response, and that means the world to him. This was a big step for him. He can feel the love [and the support]. That makes him so happy.”

“I’m trying to hook him up with designers now,” added Kim. No, Bruce! No! Run!

Kim said she promised Bruce she’d help him every step of the way … as long as he doesn’t try to steal her glam team. “I’m like, ‘That’s not going to work. You gotta find your own team. If you are going to do this, you have to do it right. You have to look amazing, and I’ll help you.'” #priorities


Moving on to the Met Gala, Kim talked fashion and gushed over meeting Cher.

Kendall Jenner and Sarah Jessica Parker were Kim‘s best dressed picks.

“I hate to pick a family member, but I really loved Kendall’s look. I thought she looked like a ’90s supermodel. I think it was very cool. She was in Calvin Klein; it wasn’t too over-the-top, it was green, all jeweled. Her makeup was really pretty,” Kim told Extra. “There is no one like Sarah Jessica Parker. She goes all out. There is really no Met Ball without Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Kim said she was inspired by Cher. Um, sure, totally not Beyonce circa 2012.

“I’ve had this reference on my computer for the longest time of Cher,” shared Kim. “I had no idea that it was a picture of her from the first ever Met Ball, so that was really cool. I had to meet her and tell her that my dress was inspired by her. I wanted sheer and white feathers. She said, ‘Oh my God, it’s the Bob Mackie gown. That was the first Met Ball in 1974.’ She told me the whole story around it and how much fun that was. That was a special moment for me.”



In other news, Kim‘s book of selfies, Selfish, invaded book stores yesterday. In an ironic twist, Kim pulled an Anna Wintour and banned selfies at her Barnes & Noble book signing event. Ironic. But not shocking. I mean, Kim isn’t about to let un-photoshopped pics of herself anywhere near Instagram.

Kim Kardashian book signing

Kim said the grey pages of the book contain her risqué photos, adding, “Every girl would be lying if they said they didn’t take a ton of sexy selfies.”

Kim Kardashian selfie book Selfish

Kim, who thinks her selfies should be considered art, admitted that she spends a lot of time taking and organizing pictures – most shocking news ever! – and Selfish was actually Kanye‘s idea. “I thought it was a great and clever idea, so he connected me with a book publisher and we made it happen.”


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