Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: Turned Up and Kicked Out!

Blood Sweat & Heels - Season 2

Last night’s Blood, Sweat, and Heels gave us some rebooted drama from last season, except it wasn’t Mica’s intoxicated butt getting kicked out of an event this time!

Daisy Lewellyn comes to visit Mica Hughes, who’s on the phone with a “friend” Kevin, who may turn into more than a friend pretty soon. Daisy is looking fly and fabulous in her Cleopatra wig and Mica is back to the long hair, thank heavens. Hoping that short wig is burned and its ashes are scattered in the Hudson. Fix it Jesus! Mica and Daisy lament the fact that Daisy can’t drink during her cancer treatments, but the bigger issue is that Daisy’s got a CAT scan coming up which will reveal whether the chemo/radiation combo has killed all of the cancer cells or not. The dynamic duo then do an Ethel-n-Maude routine that is both hilarious and heartwarming and shows just how good these two women are for each other. #truefriendsonrealitytv!

On a park bench across town, Demetria Lucas meets Melyssa Ford to chat about Demetria’s busy life doing her book launch and Melyssa’s busy life…eating salad. Demetria says she’s inviting all of the ladies to her book launch, but she’s nervous about certain women (cough, cough – Chantelle Fraser) acting a fool on her big night. The conversation turns to Melyssa’s lackluster love life and Demetria suggests that Melyssa not bring a date to Demetria’s wedding so she can meet a Nigerian banker (who may well possibly be the only single man at the wedding of 50 people). Please tell me BS&H is not going down the #africanprince rabbit hole of Atlanta! 


Daisy is on her way to her CAT scan with her friend Weyni. Daisy wants to keep her friends partially in the dark about the magnitude of what’s going on because she doesn’t want their fear to add to hers. I get that. She reads a “get well” card of encouragement from her dad, but knows her mom is really the most scared one of all. Daisy hasn’t brought her mom to any of her appointments as a result, and now she’s entering the CAT scan more fearful than ever. But Daisy, being the awesome woman she is, recites the Psalm 23 prayer to guide her through the process with grace and strength.  I.Love.Daisy. Right after the scan, the doctor tells Daisy the reports look good!! At this point, Daisy’s liver and bile ducts look healthy, which means Daisy’s cancer is responding well to treatment. Until she’s cancer free for two years though, Daisy won’t be in the clear. But she says she feels free and healed now anyway. On the phone with her mother afterward, Daisy tries to keep it together while her mom worries that the cancer may spread. Daisy pretends her phone is busting up to get off the call with Mommy Downer so she can celebrate the good news for a hot minute before worrying about the future. 

Demetria is lunching with her publicist Christina to discuss her book. She’s nervous about its release because she’s self-publishing (which she’s never done before) and needs the book launch to be done right. Demetria’s got a lot at stake because she was linked to a major publishing house with her previous work, but now it’s all her own money on the line if the book flops. 

Mica is out with her new “friend” Kevin getting her Pinot Grigio on. She’s kept their relationship all business up until now, but after they bond over their shared love of Karaoke, things may take a turn. Someone hand Mica a mic, please. After all, she’s got that Geneva Thomas Fact Sheet jazz piece ready to go straight out the gate! Mica interviews she wants a relationship, but is in no rush to start something serious after her breakup with Terry. She actually seems nervous on this date! But she asks Kevin to come to Demetria’s book launch event anyway. He short, but he has potential, Mica muses.

Sigh. Just when we think we’re in for a completely Arzo Anwar-free episode, we’re taken to her apartment where she’s listening to her boyfriend YestirDay’s career woes. He’s a “struggling artist,” she says. More like unemployed freeloader? YestirDay laments that he doesn’t feel like he’s bringing enough to the relationship financially. He wants to “take care of his woman,” but according to Arzo, he signed a bad record deal with a small label that doesn’t translate into a lot of $$ on paper. Arzo says she sees his dream happening just like her dream happened for her. She tells him all the right things, but not having brought him up to her parents yet speaks volumes. 

At Daisy’s apartment, her wig stylist Shedelle (who is killing it with Daisy’s wigs this season! Shout out to Shedelle!) brings hair reinforcements while Daisy is quite literally drowning in bills. She still needs radiation and chemo pills, but she’s running short on funds – and supplies. She can’t miss one pill or her life “is on the line,” says Daisy. She opts to have her pills delivered to Demetria’s event later that night instead of missing the event in order to receive the delivery at home.

At Demetria’s book launch later, the turnout is looking good and Demetria is hoping to move about 250 copies of her first printing. Chantelle and Geneva Thomas (where you been, girl? #nocabsoutthere?) show up, followed by – Oh Lord NO! – Mica in the short granny wig! Why this hideous wig is Mica’s go-to style lately is beyond all reason. Maybe she wants Kevin to run away after all? She brings him along because he’s aloud to be shorter than her, she says, just not shorter than her and stupid. Daisy arrives while Demetria is being interviewed. Daisy confesses to Mica that she’s awaiting her chemo pill delivery and she’s exhausted dealing with cancer running every aspect of her life. It’s like a full time job being sick, she says. Demetria takes the stage to discuss her book while Daisy steps outside just as Melyssa rolls up. After Melyssa heads, Daisy is left outside breaking down in tears as she’s left endlessly on hold by the service delivering her meds. Somebody needs to head out there and give Daisy an enormous hug before I start bawling all over my laptop right now! Damn! Oh gawd. Of all people to come along, Arzo & YestirDay arrive on the scene next. To Arzo’s credit, she sort of tries – albeit in a cold, nasally, ineffective way – to mildly help Daisy through the moment. Melyssa finally comes back out after Daisy texts her an S.O.S. and takes over by trying to reach the delivery service herself. Thank you, Ms. Ford! Melyssa interviews that Daisy is one of the bravest women she’s ever met. Daisy finally gets a hold of the med delivery service who lets her know they’re on their way. Yay!  

Inside the event, Demetria is giving the audience advice nuggets from her book while Chantelle says she is bored to tears. So, in Mica-esque fashion, circa 2014, Chantelle decides to start trash talking and hand gesturing to the ladies – and Kevin! – seated around her so loudly that Demetria stops talking and yells for them to keep it down. In non-Mica-esque fashion, circa 2014, Chantelle does not flash her cooch at strangers. Geneva mouths to Demetria that she “didn’t do anything!” (check the Fact Sheet!) while Chantelle keeps yucking it up, Mica giggling along.

Demetria’s fiance Greg actually comes over to tell them to keep it down, which just fuels the fire. A now reprimanded Chantelle goes on to talk and drink more, high five with Mica, then break a glass. The Great and Powerful Greg is summoned to sit next to Chantelle and awkwardly close-stare at her until she starts behaving, but Chantelle is not having it. Chantelle says Greg “is really on his period today,” which prompts him to kick Chantelle’s narrow a$$ out of the event altogether. Geneva, at first, is just happy it’s not her getting policed this week, even if the police is Greg. Security is called to escort Chantelle to the door, but she refuses to leave while even the likes of Geneva comes to her defense, telling Greg he is overreacting. “No she’s not leaving,” says Geneva plainly. Mica then gets into the fray which just escalates the entire situation. Meanwhile the pony-tailed security guard stands there like a deaf mute. Greg’s not backing down, though. “Door’s right there,” he says while he then vainly tries to get Demetria’s publicist to escort Chantelle out next. Smart woman that she is, Christina is not about to make a scene over some “loud talking” at a book launch.

Next week reveals more fallout from the night as Greg asks Demetria to disinvite Geneva to their wedding because of her “disrespect” to both of them by defending Chantelle tonight. Does Greg need his own pair of heels?  


Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo