Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: (Don’t) Save the Date!

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This week, Blood, Sweat, and Heels is taking us back into the fray – and the aftermath – of Demetria Lucas’ book launch, which Chantelle Fraser was nearly ejected from last episode. We pick up at Demetria’s house where she and Greg are recovering from the event. Melyssa Ford stops by and talk turns to Chantelle’s behavior. Demetria has heard Greg’s version of events, which includes Geneva Thomas sticking up for Chantelle. Melyssa adds fuel to the fire by saying that Geneva is immature and should have stuck up for Demetria at her own event because she’s Demetria’s friend first, not Chantelle’s. Demetria has a head cold and very few sh*ts to give about the entire debacle, claiming Geneva already called her to apologize and Chantelle should be in charge of Chantelle’s behavior. End of story. “Geneva is my girl. I can’t go for her – I can’t,” says Demetria.

Chantelle may not be in charge of her behavior, but she is apparently in charge of her entertainment events company. Geneva pops by Chantelle’s work to relive the previous night’s events and to tell her she already apologized to Demetria, but Chantelle stands firm that she did nothing wrong and still maintains that Greg “was on his period.” Amy, the matchmaker, calls Chantelle to entice her out on a blind date with a real estate developer. Chantelle agrees to the date while Geneva sits there looking like Inspector Gadget. What is this getup all about, Geneva!? 


Back at Demetria’s apartment, she’s discussing a photo shoot she has coming up on Long Island, so Melyssa offers some Bravo cross promotional advertising in the form of a real estate property (Hello, Million Dollar Listing: NY! we see you…) as a getaway for all of the girls pre-shoot. Melyssa includes Chantelle in the group text invite even though Greg warns, “She is annoying.” 

Mica Hughes is at her place uncorking a bottle of wine waiting for new flame Kevin to arrive. She’s looking new & improved, having ditched the granny wig tonight in favor of the slicked back ponytail. YES! After a quick tour of the apartment, including stripper pole, they settle in to conversation about Mica’s ex, Terry, but quickly take a left turn back to more neutral topics like Kevin’s ex-wife. Ugh. Bad new date talk. Bad! Mica says Kevin is boring, but financially stable. Hmmm. That’s usually the death knell of all men who are initially described as a “good catch.” On another awkward date nearby, Chantelle is out with her matchmaker match. They’re racing go-karts, because that spells romance. After the extreme corniness ends, they head to dinner literally inches away from the go-kart track, but Chantelle is impressed nevertheless. They, well, HE talks family, children, apartments, and boring blah blah blah. Chantelle is not interested in hearing anymore of “Mr. Good On Paper”‘s dissertation, so it looks like no date number 2 date will ever happen.

As for Daisy Lewellyn, she’s not focused on dating or drama right now. She’s just keeping her energy up for the battle of her life: beating cancer. Mica comes to visit donning a paper nurse’s cap and she actually unstraps Daisy’s shoes for her when they get in the door. I know I have a soft spot for these two ladies, but it’s moments like this that reveal just how real their friendship is and I love them for it. They get to chatting about men and why Mica can’t date insecure shorties, but Kevin doesn’t appear to be one of them. They discuss Melyssa’s trip idea to the original scene of the crime (last season): The Hamptons. Mica doesn’t know what to expect, but she’s in a better place with Geneva – and the whole group – so she makes a pact with Daisy that they won’t engage in any drama. Then the two besties dance around in glitter bras and pack Mica up in a suitcase. (Cut to Daisy’s freestyle beat box rap later: “Mica Is Black and She’s Ain’t Alcoholic!” around the stripper pole, and we’ve covered the whole arc of why their bond works in under 3 minutes.) #lovelovelove

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In full wedding planning mode, Demetria and Greg go cake tasting. Feeling like brown people should eat brown food, Demetria partakes in a couple of white cake options anyway. Then Greg drops the bomb: he doesn’t want Geneva coming to their wedding. Demetria looks authentically shocked by the proposition, but Greg says “friends don’t act like that.” Telling Greg that uninviting Geneva from their wedding is a friendship-ender, a declaration of war, doesn’t change his mind. Demetria leaves in tears, but is hopeful she can get Greg to change his mind. Over at Chantelle’s apartment, Geneva and she discuss their place within the group and how weird the Hamptons trip might be. Demetria doesn’t hold grudges, says Geneva. Huh? says me. Geneva vows to bring her flask along and rely on a steady diet of booze and masturbation to see her through. 

It’s trip time! Chantelle, Daisy, and Geneva in Car 1 – Arzo Anwar, Melyssa, and a Farrah-Fawcett-wigged Mica in Car 2. Car 2 arrives first so they get the pick of rooms. Demetria arrives on her own, followed by Car 1. There’s puppies and wine and shabby-chic throw pillows everywhere – so, all is well! Until Chantelle greets Demetria and Demetria responds, “I’m not really feeling you right now.” Then she corners Geneva in the kitchen to tell her she’s got to make things right with Greg or she can skip the wedding. Geneva argues that she thought the security guard was overkill, but Demetria says she has to stand by her man, not her friend. Uh oh. It’s gonna be a long, lonely life if Demetria draws that hard line every time. Geneva maintains that Chantelle’s a grown woman, not her kid, and she’s not in charge of her behavior. But she did feel that Greg was overreacting in trying to kick Chantelle out of the event. Demetria whispers to Geneva that she just needs to apologize to Greg and “stroke his Jamaican ego.” Is she scared of this man? Why is she whispering this off camera frame?

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The group reconvenes to play a game of truth or dare and Daisy admits to having had an awful one night stand in the past, but Chantelle takes it up a notch by accepting a dare to go skinny dipping in the pool. The ladies go wild, excepts for Demetria, who “tsk, tsks!” from her chair. Mica tells the truth about her past and current relationship. Demetria confesses to watching a lot of porn. But throughout the entire game, Geneva keeps hounding Daisy about the fact that she’s not drinking, which clues everyone in about Geneva not knowing Daisy has cancer. Demetria and Melyssa call Geneva into the kitchen to blurt out “Daisy has cancer” in a pretty blunt, shocking way. Geneva is upset and in tears hearing the news, but also because she realizes that she’s the last one to find out. Melyssa says Daisy just wants to be treated like Daisy, not a “victim,” but Geneva can’t help but come out and get her hug on with Daisy right away. Awwww.  

Daisy fills Geneva in on her chemo and radiation treatment. This news puts things into perspective, Geneva says, and even Demetria pipes up that she’s there for Daisy too, no matter what. Daisy continues filling Geneva in on her exhaustion and struggles while Melyssa, Arzo, and Demetria start hamming it up on the side. Buzzed laughter and whispering ensue from their end of the room while Mica and Daisy practically side-eye the weaves off of them. Mica doesn’t understand what’s so damn funny that they have to be church giggling over there while Daisy is pouring her heart out. Where’s Greg? Security!