Kathy Hilton Is Proud Of Kim Richards; Says Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Is Great For Kim

Kim Richards leaves rehab for Brooke's bridal shower

Kathy Hilton wants us to know that she is proud of Kim Richards for going to rehab. Keep in mind, a rehab with luxurious accommodations that rival the Four Seasons. Also a rehab that lets its patients travel out of the country for a social event where there will most likely be an open bar. Sign me up.

“She’s great,” Kathy told People about Kim. “She’s doing really, really well. I’m very proud of her. She decided on her own to go.”

You rewrite history now, Kathy? Kim did not wake up one day, admit she has a problem, and seek help willingly. She humiliated herself in public, got arrested, and then felt the pressure from her lawyer, to avoid jail time, and/or from Bravo, to hold onto her spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Kim took a break from rehab after 18 days (20, 22, 25 days on Kim’s calendar) for Brooke‘s bridal shower. She will leave rehab again next weekend to attend Thayer and Brooke‘s wedding (their second) in Mexico. “Kim is so excited for her daughter’s wedding next weekend,” a source said. “She wouldn’t miss it.”

Kathy went on to say that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been great for Kim. “I think the show has been really great,” she insisted. “I mean she’s a professional. She’s an actress. But this is real. Kim needs to learn tools to cope when there is something that is upsetting. You have to learn to use the tools to not fall off the wagon.”

In case you missed it, Kim has been charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer by the L.A. County District Attorney. Court documents revealed that she was “under the influence of intoxicating liquor and a drug, a controlled substance, and toluene [inhalant]” at the time of her arrest.


Photo Credit: Instagram