Kim Richards Being Impossible In Rehab; Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Kim Should Leave Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards

Kim Richards is currently in rehab – again – to seek help with her addiction issues. She made the decision to accept treatment after a disastrous Dr. Phil interview and a recent arrest for public intoxication, but she’s not happy about it! 

Dr. Phil confronted the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star about her manipulative and deceitful behaviors and her inability to face the truth. When he offered to get Kim treatment she stormed-out and berated him. Kim finally did check-in to rehab – reportedly a 30-day inpatient program in Malibu – but sources say she is up to her shenanigans in treatment of being demanding, impossible, and trying to leave!


Despite Kim initially refusing to go to a treatment center of Dr. Phil‘s choosing, a source reveals she ultimately caved due to financial issues. “The Dr.Phil show is indeed paying for Kim’s rehab, because Kim doesn’t even have health insurance, yet,” an insider shares with Perez Hilton. “Kim demanded a private room, claiming she was a celebrity. She refused to even consider having a roommate.”

Kim has reportedly been fired from RHOBH after this latest incident and because after several years of her shenanigans producers are DONE. Indeed, during her Dr. Phil interview she blamed RHOBH for her relapse and arrest.  Her children and Dr. Phil all agreed Kim couldn’t handle the demands of the show in addition managing her sobriety and other issues. “If you’re one of those people that feels the need to be loved by strangers, I’m not sure the public arena is the place you need to be,” Dr. Phil explained to ABCNews of Kim’s toxic relationship with reality TV. “There’s a lot here people don’t know,” he added. 

Kim is apparently desperate to keep her sole source of income (alimony and child support have now expired), but producers are fed-up with her behavior and according to well-placed insiders Kim has never been sober on the show and is impossible to work with for both cast and crew. 

As for her latest rehab endeavor, Kim is still fitting the process. She is furious at Dr. Phil and her children for “ambushing her” on camera and felt forced into rehab. Kim’s treatment is also proving problematic. “Kim’s detox was extremely brutal,” reports the insider. “And she kept saying she wanted to leave.” Kim’s son Chad revealed on Dr. Phil that Kim has also been abusing pills and smoking pot, in addition to drinking. 

Another person who believes it’s time for Kim to retire her Housewives title is Lisa Vanderpump. The lone Housewife to speak-out on Kim’s predicament, Lisa told ETOnline, “I think she’s battled these demons for years. She kind of said it was the show, so clearly she shouldn’t be part of it.” YES!

Lisa went into further detail in a recent interview with Celebified saying that she has not been in contact with Kim since her arrest and checking into rehab, but it’s probably time for everyone to go their separate ways. “I think this is a time for [Kim] to, kind of, pull back, and for us too.” 

“It’s impossible to hide anything on a reality show, the cameras are around us 24/7,” Lisa cautions. “I wish her well – truly well. I hope she makes the right choices and finds the happiness she deserves. All the girls do. They were coming from a place of concern.” 

As for her own reticence to get involved in the drama over Kim’s sobriety this season, Lisa never felt it wasn’t her place. “Very much this season I kept out of it… even when there were confrontations going on, discussions, I said I didn’t want to get involved because I felt there were people closer to Kim than I was. I didn’t feel it was my position.” 

Elaborating on Twitter, Lisa explained, it’s not that she wants Kim to quit, but if Kim can’t handle the show and be healthy, she shouldn’t continue. “I have every sympathy for KR, if the show makes her drink, that’s a worry.” 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]