Heather Thomson Frustrated with Getting to Know Bethenny; Defends Kmart Comment!

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 7

After yet another uncomfortable exchange with Bethenny Frankel on this week’s Real Housewives of New York, Heather Thomson is weary. And wary. And in need of a Bethenny “handbook” on how to navigate future conversations about, well, anything! In her Bravo blog, Heather admits she was happy to see Bethenny at Carole Radziwill’s election party, but she found Bethenny’s reaction to their discussion about custody a bit shocking, considering Bethenny talks about it All.Of.The.Time. “Our talk about her custody of Bryn was a simple conversation to bring clarity to a topic she often discusses,” says Heather. “I just didn’t realize that only Bethenny can address it. I feel like there are a lot of unwritten rules with her. What you can ask, what you can say, how you can feel…it’s a little tough to navigate.” 

“Even silly small talk about a tattoo idea is difficult,” Heather continues. “I’ve been dying to cover an old one and had just seen Maleficent, which was so well done, and I was inspired! But Bethenny, however, is not. Maybe a handbook would be helpful?!” Also, Heather’s joy over Carole winning board election is equal to her joy over Sonja Morgan actually conjuring some semblance of a product line (or, let’s face it, a single product) at her Latino Show Magazine party. Offering that Sonja’s cover and editorial spread were “beautiful,” Heather adds, “Sonja is easy in front of a lens. She photographs beautifully, and the pictures were gorgeous–including the double truck (two-page ad spread) announcing the launch of her brand. I remain supportive of Sonja and was excited to meet her team for the first time and learn more.”


As for the “Kmart” comment, Heather maintains that “It takes the same amount of work to develop a strategy and the collections for a branded business at Kmart (think of the Kardashians at Sears or Daisy Fuentes at Kohl’s) as it does to build a brand like Michael Kors at Bloomingdale’s or Calvin Klein at Macy’s, who both deal in multiple levels of distribution.” She defends her comment – and throws a bit more shade Sonja’s way – by adding, “It was in no way meant as an insult to ask Sonja’s business partner for clarification on their strategy for sales and distribution. Sonja describes what she is launching as an ‘international affordable luxury brand’ and one dress worn at a party and in a random ad honestly doesn’t define it for me. But any insights regarding the strategic nature of their launch naturally could…”

Moving on to the disastrous dinner party in honor of Dorinda Medley’s 50th birthday, Heather basically sums up Ramona Singer in the following sentence: “I’ve been doing a lot of defending and making excuses for Ramona, but tonight she can’t get out of her own way.” Slow clap, Heather. Slow clap. Heather further argues that “Private conversations between friends happen all the time. In consideration of everyone’s feelings and understanding that certain comments can easily be taken out of context, some things are best left unsaid.”

Positing that no one can stop the Ramonacoaster once that wild ride lets loose, Heather closes her blog by saying that “Ramona’s into strutting her dark side tonight, and she continues on even after John re-enters the room! Oy! Does anyone want to talk about my tattoo idea?!” At least, Heather says, “Dorinda and John both handled a difficult situation with class,” adding, “Though I can’t say the same about Singer. We all love her, but at times she runs on her own turtle time…”


Photo Credit:  Mathieu Young/Bravo