Little Women: NY Recap – The Big Question!

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So far, this season of Little Women: NY has been bringing us a lot of bickering, but not much substance. But on this week’s finale episode, things get a bit more real (well, for “reality” TV, that is!). We begin at the ice skating rink with Kristin Zettlemoyer, Jason Perez, Jordanna James, and Dawn Lang, who have all just returned from their Puerto Rico trip. Dawn’s not skating because of her brittle bone disease, which puts her at risk for broken bones easily. Kristin and Dawn have mended fences, as have Jason and Jordanna. But Misty Irwin is the new target of everyone’s anger because of her wishy-washy behavior, disloyalty, and general inability to tell the truth (as Kristin sees it). Everyone’s drinking the haterade at the rink, though, and jumps on board bashing Misty for basically being a bad friend. Because Kristin lives with Misty, she’s stressing the most over the situation.

But stress be damned! Because it’s Kristin’s 38th birthday soon and the group wants to throw her a party at which everyone will argue and back-stab. At Jordanna’s apartment later, her boyfriend Anthony tells her he got a job as an air traffic controller (yay!) that means he has to leave her for three months (boo!). She’s thrilled for him, but doesn’t want him to go. Later, Lila Call, Jordanna, and Jason go shopping for Kristin’s birthday bash. They don’t have a venue, cake, or food, but why not shop for costumes first? Good plan. Jordanna knows that Kristin’s biological clock is ticking, so she may not be thrilled about turning another year older. But Kristin’s much younger boyfriend, Josh, will be at the party to cheer her up. Again, good plan (?). They decide on a 1920s theme party, but nix Jason’s fantasy of Josh popping out of a cake wearing nothing but his birthday suit. 


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At home, Misty is Skyping with her mom, who has Type 1 Diabetes and rosacea in her eyes, which is interfering with her eyesight. Misty worries that her mom might go blind and tears up thinking about her mom’s suffering. She confesses how hard her life has been with the girls lately, but she hasn’t told any of her friends about her family worries. Misty even contemplates going home to see her parents rather than attending Kristin’s birthday party because the drama is just not worth it.

Speaking of moms, Jordanna meets hers out for dinner to discuss Anthony leaving for Oklahoma, which she’s torn up about. Her mom, Carol, reassures her that it’s a great opportunity and everything will be fine so she should support him and let him go. Jordanna worries that Anthony will find someone else, but her mom says she can’t let fear rule her because it will block her from ever trusting anyone. She reminds her that our insecurities get us no where in life. Awww. Go Jordanna’s mom! All this sense-talkin’ and reasonable advice is making me light headed!

Cut to a less reasonable approach to life across town: Lila getting acupuncture. (Does she think this will keep her sober? Go to AA, girl!) Kristin is along for the acupuncture ride too and literally b*tches about Misty the entire time she’s on the table with pins sticking out of her face. #serenitynow! Misty and Kristin haven’t seen each other at the apartment much since their fight in Puerto Rico, and Kristin is ultimately thinking of moving out.

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Meanwhile, Misty and Jason the turncoat are taking a walk. Misty confesses her concerns about her mother as she struggles with her health while Jason comforts her, telling her he had no idea she’s been going through this. Misty says the reason she shut down and had “blank stares” on the PR trip was because she’s been feeling so overwhelmed. Jason tells her to go see her family; screw Kristin’s party. Over at Dawn’s apartment, her sister in law Jazmin Lang comes to visit so they can chat about Dawn’s relationship with long distance boyfriend, Keith. Dawn claims they never see each other because they’re “married to their careers,” but they need to find a way to actually be together if there’s any future in store for them. Jazmin shows Dawn her headshots, which Dawn robotically compliments. But she does add that she’s warming up to the idea of Jazmin as a performer. So, there’s that. 

Jordanna’s boyfriend is packing up to leave while Jordanna breaks down in tears. After a sad kiss goodbye, Jordanna breaks down even more, still fearful that she’ll lose him. To numb the pain, she goes cake tasting with Lila and Jason later that week. Jordanna hasn’t heard from Misty all week and, despite their differences, is worried something is going on with her.

It’s the day of Kristin’s party! She and Jason head to the salon to get their hair did. Jason tells Kristin that Misty has been going through a lot of personal stuff lately, so maybe Kristin should cool her jets about hating on her so much. Josh calls in the middle of their convo to tell Kristin “something came up” and he won’t be able to make it to her party after all. Saywhathomie? The party is in four hours, so thanks for the notice, dude. Of course, Jason stirs the pot a little and Kristin, deflated, doesn’t even want to go to her party anymore.

But, go she will. The entire group comes decked out in flapper gear, including Misty. Kristin shows up to hoots and hollers, putting on a happy face even though Josh is MIA. Kristin is surprised to see Misty, who just returned from visiting her family. Jason pulls Misty aside to catch up with her, and Misty confesses that her boyfriend Joe just broke up with her…on top of everything else. Misty tearfully confesses that she misses her friends, so Jason encourages her to talk to them – tonight. As they complain about her in the corner, Jordanna and Kristin spin themselves into a frenzy before pulling Misty into the confrontation. Misty tells the girls about her mom and boyfriend woes. Kristin and Jordanna then attack her for sharing this personal info with Jason first, not them. And in that moment Kristin and Jordanna show just what kind of friends they are. Bad ones. They sort of backtrack and tell her they love her, so Misty falls in line quickly and hugs it out with them, despite their ridiculous behavior. 

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After Jason and Jordanna perform a little soft-shoe on stage, the big surprise takes place. Josh shows up with more than a fedora in tow. After telling Kristin how much he loves her, he pulls out a ring box and…proposes? Damn you, Lifetime! We’re left hanging on a still shot, assuming the question has been popped. As for the rest of the group, Jason is happy he’s back in Jordanna’s good graces, Jordanna’s excited to walk in Paris Fashion Week this Fall, and Lila is grateful that her friends helped her when she slipped up in her sobriety. Jazmin is relieved that she and Dawn are not cutting each other’s throats, and Misty – well, who knows. She’s probably just recovering from that best-friend attack that happened to her, stage left. 

We do get a sneak peek of Little Women: L.A.’s Season 3, which finds Terra Jole back from baby mama drama, and the rest of the group navigating relationships (Briana’s back with Matt!?) and pregnancies (Christy’s having TWINS!?!?!). A new castmate will be thrown into the mix, which F’s with Tonya’s world, of course. And it looks like Elena’s gone down the plastic surgery rabbit hole…because girlfriend is looking just plain weird in this promo.  


Photo Credit: Lifetime