Little Women: NY – Making Babies And Mixing Beats


Looks like we are about the meet the newest member of Little Women: NY with the arrival of Katie Snyder’s baby girl! On last week’s episode, Katie was being rushed to the hospital after a blow up at the laundromat with resident meddlers, Dawn Lang and Lila Call. Is it incredibly over the top to be accosting a pregnant woman when she is due any day? Sure! Do these gals seem to care? NOPE.

We join Katie at the hospital, where she is anxiously waiting to give birth with mom, Kathie, and waste of space boyfriend/baby daddy, PJ. She had another week to go but it looks like the baby is coming now.

Over at Apartment D (for delusional), Lila and Dawn are busy telling Jason Perez and Jazmin Lang their horribly skewed version of events with the Katie confrontation. They explain how gently they approached Katie and how it was all Katie’s fault that the conversation went off the rails. If you were looking for any accountability, you definitely won’t find it here. Jazmin decides to do the right thing and call Jessica Capri to check on Katie. Turns out, baby Kinzley is here safe and sound but is being treated for having six fingers on each hand and diagnosed with the same form of dwarfism Katie has, hypochondroplasia. Back at the hospital, Jess is trying to figure out where Katie and PJ plan on live now that the baby is here but Katie doesn’t know what to say and PJ is busy on his phone, probably mixing up some beats.

Once home with Kinzley, Katie discusses plans to have a Sip and See so everyone can meet the baby. Well, everyone but Lila and Dawn. Eff that, Katie doesn’t want to deal with them but Mama Kathie, for some stupid reason beyond all comprehension, thinks that she should be the bigger person and invite the two people who just sent her daughter into early labor with their drama.


Jazmin, Dawn and Lila meet in the park and Dawn has news: she has a new man and he’s a little person. Also, she is still super judgmental. The talk turns to Dawn’s tension-filled relationship with her brother, David Lang, and although it’s perfectly fine for Dawn to give her opinion on everyone else’s life, she quickly gets defensive and deflects to Jazmin. She blabs that Jazmin told roomie Jason how uncomfortable she is with Lila bringing home random men she meets online. Lila feels slut shamed by Dawn but Dawn says she has done it by herself by talking about her sex life in front of her. Looks like Judge Dawn came out of a very brief retirement and made it back on the bench in full force for this episode!

At Katie and Jess’s apartment, Katie is enjoying being a new mom. So much so that the second Jess walks in the door, Katie dumps Kinzley off on her to feed, bathe and change while she goes and takes a nap. Jess goes to change her and discovers one of her extra fingers has fallen off and is totally weirded out. Kathie, PJ and Katie run in to see what the commotion is and Kathie gets a baggy so she can save the finger for “memories”. Jess has reached her baby limit and tells Katie if she wants some rest, PJ can actually help with their child he helped create.

The next day, Jess decides to approach Katie about their living situation. When Katie was pregnant and broken up with PJ, Jess had no problem taking her in temporarily. Now that it’s Katie plus her mom, the baby and her lame ass boyfriend, Jess thinks it’s more than she can deal with. She feels like the live-in nanny for a very dysfunctional family. I understand that as a brand new mom, Katie is probably really overwhelmed, but did she really not see this coming? She asks where she is supposed to go and Jess points out that PJ should be stepping up to figure this out. Dawn and Lila, take note: this is how you approach a friend you care about when you have genuine concerns.

It’s the day of the Sip & See and it’s time to sip some tea and see some drama. Before everyone arrives, Katie tells her mom that she and PJ have decided to move back to Seattle with the baby and mooch off live with her for a little while. Mama Kathie says that’s ok but addresses PJ and says that he has to get a job and can’t just take two showers a day, not pay the water bill, and pretend to have a music career. PJ turns bright red under his neon green sweatshirt and defends himself by saying she doesn’t know what he really does and he actually held down a real job at a car dealership for almost two months! Well played, PJ, well played. PJ doesn’t like Kathie looking at him the way she is looking at him (like he’s a bum, probably) and then makes some big speech about how he isn’t changing today, tomorrow or ever. Then he mentions something about how he has blessed everyone’s life with “this kid”. As in, his daughter. That’s right, he has blessed everyone by accidentally procreating. Side note: I had to stop typing for a minute just to pick my jaw up off the floor. While PJ continues to yell at Kathie, Jess runs into the room to calm everyone down.  Little does she know, the drama is just getting started.


Dawn is the first to arrive and doesn’t waste any time throwing shade about Katie’s maternity pictures and her last conversation with Lila. She tells them what happened at the park with Lila and Jazmin and divulges a very convoluted version of her private conversation with Lila. Lila, Jason and Jazmin show up and Lila starts right in on Dawn because she could hear Dawn talking about her personal business all the way from the elevator. While I’m with Lila on this one, her delivery could wait for sure. But she can’t let it go, even when Jess tries to shut it down. Lila and Dawn head to the bedroom and scream at each other. Dawn tries to defend her actions by saying she is concerned about her. Oh, here we go again – using her “concern” as a way to judge everything that everyone does, friend or not. Lila isn’t having any of it and storms out of the party. Dawn acts like nothing has happened and tries to make a grab for the baby, who cries to escape her evil clutches. As Lila does her own crying in the hall, Jazmin and Jason calm her to the point where she can go back in and try and make this Sip & See about baby Kinzley. My favorite part of this whole episode is Katie handing sweet baby Kinzley over to an emotional Lila while in the background, PJ sits with his legs spread, equally deep into the couch and his phone.  That pretty much sums it up.

Since it’s the season finale, we get a little summary of what everyone has been doing and it’s not too exciting but here you go: Lila is no longer on speaking terms with Dawn and still gets with guys on the internet. Dawn has no real update outside of the fact that she works a lot and is on the outs with everyone. Jazmin went to Florida to spend time with David and wants to start a family soon. Katie and PJ moved baby Kinzley to Seattle to live with her mom and she’s tired. Jason is living in NYC and still with long distance boyfriend, DJ. Jess is back on the dating scene and enjoying her life now that she has some peace and quiet.


Author: Karen


Photo Credit: Lifetime