Little Women: NY recap - Lila and Terra

Little Women: New York’s Lila Call Hates On Dancing With The Stars Contestant Terra Jole

Lila and Tera fight on Little Women NY

If you watch Little Women: LA and/or Little Women: NY, you know that Lila Call and Terra Jole cannot stand each other. They have come to blows on both of the Lifetime reality shows, but I figured that Lila would be somewhat happy that Terra is the first little person to go on Dancing With the Stars, right? Well, as per usual, Lila has a lot to say about Terra being on the show and a lot to say about Terra herself.

I understand why Terra and Lila do not like each other and I feel no need to rehash it, but why do they still need to be talking about each other and talking about new things at that? Just leave the past in the past and do not stir up new drama. But then again, these girls are famous for being on reality shows so drama is par for the course and encouraged. What was I thinking? If you live for the controversy, you’ll definitely be interested in Lila’s opinion about Terra on Dancing With the Stars.


Lila spoke out about Terra in an interview with RadarOnline. At first, I was surprised when Lila was complimentary about Terra’s milestone appearance on the show. Lila said, “I’m totally stoked for her in all honesty, and just being humble, like what a pioneer. I keep saying that, she really is. Forget about being little, she just had a baby!” 

If only she stopped there. Lila decided to body shame the mom of two when she remarked, “Terra is probably a little taller than me, I know she’s fatter than me, but she’s taller than me.” Oh and she made even more negative comments about Terra’s body: “She’s huge! Did you ever see that big fat cupcake ass?” Wow. That really just makes Lila look bad in all honesty. She looks super petty and she’s probably jealous of Terra for being on such a big reality show. It’s a real shame. She honestly should have just reeled in after the one supportive compliment about Terra being a pioneer and whatnot.

The weird thing is that she doesn’t even hate Terra enough to not watch the show. Not only is she a regular viewer, but apparently she’s pausing and rewinding Terra’s routines so she can be even more critical of her nemesis. Lila revealed, “I try to slow it down to look at the footwork to see if technicality and things like that were there, I don’t think there was. I don’t think it’s possible — our bodies just don’t do that.” 

This interview was a bad look for Lila. Sometimes saying less is more.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]