New RHOC Housewife Meghan King Edmonds Dishes on Her First Impressions of the OC Ladies!

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 10

The countdown to season 10 of the OGs of the OC has begun, with Bravo’s original Housewives brainchild, the Real Housewives of Orange County, returning next week. There’s a new face in the group (isn’t there always? even if there’s not a new cast member?), and this season her name is Meghan King Edmonds, the very young wife of 44-year old hubby, baseball star Jim Edmonds. And she’s not afraid to start spilling the beans on her costars right away!

In a Perez Hilton interview this week, Meghan dishes on her marriage, her unique home dynamics, an her castmates. Breaking all of her vows to “never marry” an older athlete, Meghan now shares a home in CA with his 17-year old daughter (who’s closer in age to Meghan than Jim is) while Jim travels back and forth to St. Louis for work. Meghan also says she’s close friends with her stepdaughter’s mom. Sure, sure. A good friend of Heather Dubrow, Meghan says letting the Bravo cameras into their lives was a tough decision, but Heather’s given her advice to just “be herself” and “stand her ground” to succeed on the RHOC.


 As for her castmates, Meghan says she “hit it off immediately” with Tamra Barney, who she feels she has the strongest relationship with this season. “She and I got close very quickly, and I’ve had some issues I’ve been able to confide in her,” Meghan explains, “I’m a step mom, and you know, she has kids who…have a step mom too. So we come at the situation from different angles and it’s nice to be able to kind of bounce these ideas off one another.” Meghan adds, “I love Tamra.” So…besties then? Watch out, Meghan. You may want to talk to Vicki Gunvalson about what it really takes to be fast frenemies with Tamra Barney.     

A transplant to the area, Meghan’s first impression of Orange County was that everything is fake. The boobs, the chicks, the dudes, the drama. But not the weather! She admits loving the climate, and loving the “real” friendship she’s formed with Heather, who she describes as “wonderful and full of spunk in life!” Meghan does admit her friendship with Vicki has not been “smooth sailing,” however. When they initially met, Meghan says Vicki was “extremely welcoming and a great hostess,” but “we went through some rocky times after that, you know, trying to get to know each other.” As for Shannon Beador, Meghan flat-out confesses, “Shannon was pretty cold to me. You know, standoffish.” She does complain that “Shannon and Vicki constantly remind me of how young I am, so yes, I think age clearly has something to do with it.”  

Ending the interview with some general niceties, Meghan teases that relationships change throughout the season, with a “lot of peaks and valleys” in the ladies’ friendships. “You’re going to see the evolution of friendship all throughout the season,” she comments, adding, “I’d say I’m the most consistent in my relationships with Heather and Tamra.” Happy with how she’s been portrayed thus far on the RHOC trailer, Meghan says, “I think they summed up very accurately.” 


Photo Credit:  Paul Drinkwater/Bravo