Heather Thomson is Over Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Rules, Deliveries, and Rude Behavior!’

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 7

Game, set, match. Or…dinner, meatball, cry? In her Bravo blog, Heather Thomson responds to her continuous Clash of the Titans epic brawl with Bethenny Frankel on this season’s Real Housewives of New York. Heather begins by giving us all a history lesson on the Berkshires, of which she is honorary Second Assistant to the Co-President of the Volunteer Historical Preservation Association. Or she just owns a summer house there. Anyway she explains,  “Dorinda [Medley’s] house is special, and I love the history of it for her with her father. I’ve met him, and he himself is special. There is so much history in the Berkshires, and the architectural history has always fascinated me. During America’s Gilded Age (1865-1901) our country saw unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, allowing some of the nation’s wealthiest families to construct these massive estates.” Heather goes on to describe several estates (complete with photo evidence!) that she “drives by” all of the time. Are you riveted yet? Me neither. 

Moving on to other Berkshire hot spots, Heather tells us, “Speaking of historical spots in the Berkshires, the Red Lion Inn (built in 1773), is where my husband and I got engaged!” adding, “Normally dinner at the Red Lion is special, but immediately the group started discussing Bethenny and all the usual topics…custody arrangements, her childhood, and opinions on her friendships and her integration into the group, or lack thereof, and the mood changed. It’s clear I was getting frustrated with the context of the conversation, and I can admit to being tough and having an irreverence for bullsh–, but I was not attempting to ‘compare’ people’s struggles.” Defending her comment of losing her nanny of 9 years as being comparable to surviving an abusive childhood, Heather retorts, ” I was not comparing one particular problem with another (but thanks for the tip, Countess). My point was that everyone has different issues, and at any given time they can be less or they can be more…I am not a judgmental person and certainly not unsympathetic to people’s challenges, misfortunes, mishaps, or sh–ty deals. That is for damn sure. Life has tough breaks, and unfortunately some of us have it worse than others, and some better, but circumstances can change in the blink of an eye… Everyone is entitled to a bad day, a good cry, and the absolute right to feel sorry for ourselves. And, we all are also entitled to a good hug, a good friend, a good turn of events and some good luck! I like to stay of the mind-set that life is good, and mostly, it is what you make of it.”


Regarding Dorinda’s dinner, Heather reacts the the downward spiral that all began with Bethenny’s surprise “Ding-Dong!” Heather laments that “Unfortunately, things took a turn rather quickly after Bethenny’s arrival. It started with Bethenny’s reaction to us recognizing she had fish allergies after surprising us for dinner. Considering her announcement about not eating fish and knowing there was a sushi service on deck with the probability of nothing for her to eat, first Dorinda, and then I, were simply trying to suggest alternative options. No one was trying to get a rundown of her dietary preferences!” 

Heather goes to state, “While you can be sure that I am over Bethenny’s rules, deliveries, and rude behavior, in dealing with her at this point, my own attitude has become harsh. I am completely sensitive to food allergies, given my own son’s struggles with them, and I could never have expected such a severe reaction…instead of a normal conversation about an allergy to fish, Bethenny, snaps at us to ignore it.” Blaming Bethenny and Sonja Morgan for how she came off to Ramona Singer’s “date,” Heather continues, “SO, maybe a normal conversation with Ramona’s partner about his restaurant businesses is a novel idea? Nope. Instead I come across bitchy while trying to shout over Sonja and Bethenny’s cackles and my ‘inside jokes’ are dropping like lead balloons. I suck, and he feels like he’s being grilled, yikes!”  

But, of course things only got worse from there. “AHHHHHH! I can see how upset Bethenny is getting, and I am out of my own skin, so I try to take her aside in an attempt to salvage things privately,” says Heather. By “privately,” does she mean in front of the entire table and Bravo cameras? “This is obviously not about the meatballs!” she adds, “As much as I like to grab a bull by its horns, I also know when to call uncle, but I’m not having a good time with it or doing a particularly good job at any of it right now…on any level.”


Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo