Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak is no stranger to showing off her curves on social media and sharing her tips and tricks for slimming down.  Kim has been giving credit to 310 shakes and Lyfe Tea and now waist trainers.  

Kim shared the photo above and captioned it with the claim that she’s now lost four inches from her waist.  “Lost 4 inches from wearing my waist trainer from @nowaistclique..Ladies join in on this journey with me use promo code:Kim15 to receive 15% off..tell them I sent you!!!#nowaistclique.”  This isn’t the first time Kim has showed off her tiny waist, so do you think it’s all due to the waist trainers and teas and shakes?

What do you think of the waist trainer craze?  Do you think they actually work? Or squish your organs like some claim?

Update: Kim added a video on instagram for those thinking she used photoshop.  See below!  She wrote, “Sooooo I made a video since most of you think I photoshop my pics! I don’t cause I don’t need to! I love my @nowaistclique I have horrible posture (carrying the twins did me in) and it really helps that too at least for me I recommend the waist trainer because it works so well for me and I like to share with you guys what products I love since there are so many out there! Baha @gloria.coan in the background my fabulous asst #NowWhatchaGonnaSay #IAdoreMyRealFans.”





Photo Credit: Instagram