June Shannon’s Oldest Daughter Anna Cardwell Suing Her Over Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Earnings!

June Shannon appears on Extra.

Unfortunately, I can’t go back to an easier time when memories of “go-go juice” and “sketti” served in the finest of Cool-Whip containers meant that life was simple, back when one’s only concerns were exposing forklift foot if a water park’s rip-roarin’ slide proved too much for a pedicured ankle sock or whether a scheduling conflict with the local railroad would create a loud, late night train situation. Nope, I can’t hop in my Kuntry Store purchased time machine and unlearn all I now know about the folks of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Thanks June Shannon.

When TLC’s cash cow was at the height of popularity, the line was clearly drawn before those who (like me) found the family’s ridiculous antics equally endearing and disgusting and those who thought the show’s fans were verging on insanity. Sure, the six-year-old beauty queen wannabe Alana Thompson was sassy to the point of rude, but her one-liners were everything. The family was open about their past struggles (June, a grandmother in her mid-thirties has four daughters from various incarcerated men), but who am I to judge? Plus, what’s not to love about Sugar Bear?



With the stories of the crew’s charity work, June’s intolerance for her own daughter’s bullying behavior, and the fact the Shannon-Thompsons continued living within their meager means despite a reality television windfall (complete with responsible trust accounts for her girls), who wouldn’t want to root for the Boo Boos? Of course, that all came to a crashing halt when the show’s matriarch reunited with her former boyfriend who had served time for child molestation…with one of his alleged victims being June’s oldest daughter Anna.

That said, Anna Cardwell, aka Chickadee, and Anna’s two-year-old daughter Kaitlyn are suing June and the network, claiming that her mother has cheated her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars during her time on the show. According to TMZ, Anna is asserting that she is owed $200,000 and June’s granddaughter is owed $100,000 based on the family’s collective $22,500 per episode paycheck. The suit also alleges that June cheated Anna out of royalties associated with a family cookbook and other revenue sources separate from the series. 

The same site is reporting that June is loudly denying her daughter’s accusations. June is responding to Anna’s claims, saying that TLC deposited Anna’s earnings into her personal account. Jane further states that she paid her daughter upwards of $15,000 when the show was cancelled and repeatedly assists with Anna’s cellphone and household bills, as well as personal expenses. Wait, what about that trust fund? 


[Photo Credit: WENN.com]