Mama June Loses Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Salary Over Relationship With Child Molester; Sugar Bear Collapses From Stress!

Honey Boo Boo in Manhattan

TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when the scandal broke that Mama June got back together with Mark McDaniel, the man who molested her daughter Anna Cardwell. The network had nearly completed filming for the fourth season when they decided to pull the plug and not air the footage – and they blame Mama June entirely! As a result Mama June will lose most of her salary for the unaired season – but her three daughters will be paid-in-full! 

TLC has made the decision to put paycheck money in trust for Pumpkin, Chubs, and Alana Thompson, while seriously reducing June’s earnings under the stipulation that she violated the networks “morality” clause when she entered into a relationship with a child molester. The network is confident they have the legal grounds to do this, says TMZ. 

Sugar Bear and Uncle Poodle, Alana’s uncle, will also receive their full salaries because they are not responsible for any behaviors that would have put the show at risk of cancellation. 


Speaking of Sugar Bear, he is not handling the stress of June’s new relationship well! Sugar Bear has been staying at June’s house for a few days (probably to watch over his daughter Alana, because he is seriously concerned about June’s molester boyfriend being around her). According to sources the exes may have been arguing when Sugar passed out from what EMTs later diagnosed as high blood pressure. He regained consciousness and walked into the ambulance, but after treatment returned to June’s house. 

Sugar is said to be pursuing custody of Alana when he learned June had allowed Mark to spend time with Alana. While the June and Sugar are separated after she reportedly cheated on him with Mark, Sugar has been spending as much time as possible as a presence in Alana’s life until a decision is made over what to do. 

But one person isn’t taking such a relaxed approached and that’s Alana’s beloved Uncle Poodle! Sources tell TMZ Poodle is threatening to file for custody of Alana to get her away from the man who molested his niece Anna when she was just 8-years-old.

June still does not believe Mark molested Anna, and shockingly has allowed Mark to be around 9-year-old Alana.June won’t even admit to being in a relationship with Mark despite copious evidence including the confirmation from her daughters Anna and Pumpkin because she is hiding it from the public until the scandal dies down! 

Poodle and his fiancé have researched the legal grounds for obtaining temporary custody since they believe Alana is under imminent danger by being near Mark. If June doesn’t “completely sever” her relationship with Mark, they are prepared to fight it out in court!

They say they have the finances available to support Alana until Sugar Bear is able to get back on his feet financially to hopefully obtain permanent custody of his daughter. However, as of now Poodle and his fiancé Allen are furious at Sugar Bear for spending time with June instead of immediately doing something about Honey’s safety. 

As for the other girls, Jessica (Chubs) is nearly 18, while Pumpkin (14) sees Mark as a father-figure and is completely supportive of his relationship with June because she loves him.  Below, Uncle Poodle with Alana. 

uncle poodle and alana thompson on here comes honey boo boo



[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/ & TLC]