Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: First Wives Club

lhhatl joc mom meeting

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was everything. All of Yung Joc’s baby mamas are in some book club hybrid that is simply amazing, and the remaining story lines paled in comparison. Don’t believe me? Let’s begin at the beginning…

Tony is trying to convince Kalenna to invest in a new Atlanta nightclub, but after hearing about Stevie J.’s experience, Kalenna is very skeptical…and she shares as much with the requesting investor. Tony hates that Joseline Hernandez gotten into her head to squash this deal, but let’s be honest, someone needs to be asking the hard questions! He’s frustrated that Kalenna has so many reservations about what he considers to be an amazing deal to dump their entire life savings. Not wanting to further upset her husband, Kalenna caves and agrees to fork over all of their cash. Hey, at least they’re getting paid for this show, right?


Ariane has crossed enemy lines and agreed to spend the day with her best friend Mimi Faust’s nemesis. Margeaux is hoping she can prove to Ariane that some of Mimi’s denials aren’t on the up and up, and Ariane wishes that Margeaux could know the Mimi she knows. She also is curious why both of these women are hating on each other when they should be focused on how much Nikko is trying to ruin their lives. Margeaux breaks the news that there is a third party who is willing to come forward with the news that he helped broker the Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape deal from the beginning. Ariane begins to wonder if Mimi has been lying to her and is starting to view Margeaux as a woman just trying to clear her husband’s name from being known as that douche who leaked the adult video without his partner’s consent. Why she cares is still beyond me! Oh wait, a story line…that’s right. 

After her orange-juice-tossing, cuss-fueled, call-in-production-security altercation with Stevie, Joseline is standing her ground. Who needs Stevie anyway? She’s grabbing a drink with Kalenna to hear about her friend’s latest money pit endeavor. Kalenna put all of her cash into Club Kapture, and she needs to make sure that the venue is packed on opening night. She hopes that Joseline can assist with padding the guest list. The women bond over the struggles of being married to their managers, and Joseline rehashes her recent fight with Stevie. Kalenna admits that she sunk $75,000 into the club, and she needs Joseline to perform to bring the crowd. Joseline knows that her headlining Club Kapture will require a little bum kissing to get her back in her husband–and manager’s–good graces.

lhhatl kelenna

So apparently, Yung Joc’s baby mamas have a support group. Fatimah, Sina, and the other two mothers of his eight (I think?) children are bonding over cocktails and patting themselves on the backs for being able to support each other and get together with all the kids. The women joke about the timeline of Joc’s sperm race. Fatimah is the OG, as she was the first to have Joc’s child, Alex is the only one who managed to marry Joc (not that it did any good), and Carla and Sina were both pregnant with sets of his twins at the same time. The ladies high five over their ability to overcome jealousy issues and recognize that they are stronger because they realize that their issues aren’t with each other, but with Joc…even though they all still adore him. They toast to the meeting of the moms, although Sina finds it weird that Alex still claims Joc. Just because they’re still married doesn’t mean they haven’t been separated for ages. Joc arrives to revel with his children’s moms, but he’s got Khadiyah in tow to prove he’s all in with their relationship. Alex and Sina can’t believe he’s invited his sponsor to their family gathering.  

Khadiyah begins by introducing herself to the women, except Baby Mama 4 (Sina), who she addresses as such. It turns out Joc’s other’s children’s mothers are very supportive, and they drag an aggressive Sina into the ladies’ room. Alex reminds Sina that she needs to act like an adult, and if anyone could get peeved at this new girl, it’s Joc’s wife. She reminds Sina that her anger should be focused on Joc, and truth be told, Khadiyah needs to step aside. Khadiyah knew that she was getting involved with a man who had eight children with four different women, and Alex tells her that she should recognize the issues with the man she’s chosen. Joc beams with pride at how supportive his exes are with each other, and he promptly tells Khadiyah to exit stage left. Speaking of, Kirk Frost is channeling his anti-Joc, and he wants Ashley to recognize that he needs to be respectful of his wife after the craziness with Rasheeda in the Frost’s driveway and at the auction of Kirk’s belongings. Kirk wants Ashley to treat Rasheeda as if she’s her boss…because she is. Ashley counters that Rasheeda is insecure and jealous and she won’t be spoken to in the manner Rasheeda (and her mom) have done so many times. Kirk pledges his loyalty to his wife–and Ashley’s manager–and basically tells her to get on board or find new representation. 

lhhatl joc mom meeting 2

Margeaux has invited Ariane to model in an upcoming art show, and Ariane is on board to do it…after she clears it with her biffle Mimi. Ariane approaches Mimi’s about Margeaux’s latest accusations, and Mimi swears up and down that Nikko masterminded the entire sex tape leak. When Ariane questions about the third party who brokered the deal, Mimi becomes incredibly defensive. She doesn’t need to explain herself to anyone. Ariane just wants to know that Mimi has been honest with her, and Ariane warns her friend that she’s just trying to protect her from potential backlash if she’s exposed as a liar. When Ariane reveals that she’s walking in Margeaux’s  show, Mimi kicks her out of her house. Across town, Stevie is confronting Joseline at her invitation to get to the bottom of her recent outburst. Stevie is usually able to avoid Joseline during her tirades, and Joseline is ready to come at him for partnering with Mimi behind her back and working with bunk artists. Her husband only needs to focus on his wife, the international superstar. Stevie admits that he hasn’t worked with Jessica Dime or Tiffanie Foxx since before rehab. All of his energy is targeted at Joseline. That’s what she wants to hear, and she regales in her invitation to perform at Kalenna’s club opening. Apologies abound, and all is right with the world…and the Puerto Rican Princess. 

lhhatl rasheeda

Kirk has convinced Ashley to grovel to Rasheeda, and she does it well. Rasheeda cuts the new artist no slack, and she schools Ashley in all of her novice mistakes. Ashley is all, “I’m sorry, but you…” and it reminds me of when I taught first grade. If you’ve done something wrong, say I’m sorry…the “but” negates any apology. Ashley quickly learns that she needs to swallow the “but” and she promises Rasheeda she will prove to be a great money-maker for the Frosts is she’s just afforded the chance. Meanwhile, Joc has been sleeping in his car (better than being tied to the bed?) after the debacle between Khadiyah and his baby mamas. When he garners the courage to go home, Joc realizes he’s been locked out of her condo. She accuses him of not coming to her defense with Sina, and he doesn’t hide the fact that his loyalty will be with the mother(s) of his children. A tearful Khadiyah knows she deserves better, and she tells Joc that he can prove himself by sleeping in his car for another night. Before he can even get to his vehicle, Khadiyah makes it rain as she tosses all of Joc’s belongings off her balcony. As the episode draws to a close, Mimi pours a cocktail and accuses her friends of being haters of her sex tape. She’s confused why it’s getting so much attention. Really? Mimi has decided she needs to “take back her truth” and she opens her door to a mystery guest who will vindicate her.


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