Peter Thomas Cheating? Gets Cozy With A Woman Who’s Not Cynthia Bailey – Video

 Reality TV Stars Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey

Peter Thomas cheating?  Did he get caught in the act or is it a storyline set up for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Cynthia Bailey’s husband was ‘busted’ getting very cozy with a young woman at a club and it was caught on Instagram video by The Shade Room.  In the video Peter looks like he’s just pulled back from kissing the woman and has his hands on her neck as the camera pans past them. 

If you watch the video, it does seem like Peter got caught red-handed with another woman and doesn’t even realize it.  But my skeptical senses tell me something isn’t quite right.  Why would Peter be cozying up to another female out in the open at a club with cell phones EVERYWHERE unless he was hoping to get caught?  We’ve heard that Cynthia has been invited back for the new season of RHOA, so my questions is: is it all part of a plan to get themselves a storyline for the upcoming season?  Lord knows Cynthia could use some juicy drama for once (and not the kind that has her speaking in bad Jamaican accents). 

Take a look at the video and share below.  Did Peter just get caught for real? Or for the sake of a good tale for the show?


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