Chris And Jacqueline Laurita’s Home In Foreclosure Again

Jacqueline Laurita onTwitter

Here we go again…  Former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Chris and Jacqueline Laurita are facing foreclosure on their Franklin Lakes mansion, according to new reports.

If you recall, back in April of 2013 Jacqueline and Chris faced foreclosure on their home but worked things out with a mortgage modification and saved their home – for another two years at least.  Now reports that the Lauritas are in foreclosure again – and not just on this home, but on another one, as well.

According to court documents, Chris and Jacs stopped making payments on their mortgage (that were reported as $10,846/month) in October 2014.  

In addition to the foreclosure of the main home, Chris is also in foreclosure on another house he owns in Wayne, New Jersey.  That mortgage ($500,000 +) was taken out in 2007 and, according to Nationwide, has been in default since January 2012. 

If they can’t get their mortgage situation fixed, maybe the Lauritas and the Giudices can look for a duplex to buy together.  That sounds like a reality show just waiting to be made! 

Jacqueline and Chris are still in the thick of their mega mess with their former apparel company.  Hopefully 2015 is the year it all gets straightened out finally!

Photo Credit: Twitter