Kyle Richards Says Kathy Hilton Is NOT Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Kim Richards Doing Well


And the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills casting rumors keep on coming!  This morning it was splashed about on Page Six that Kyle Richards was out and her sister Kathy Hilton was in.  This is after the rumors of a few weeks ago that said once Kim Richards was out, Kathy was in.  Oh that Kathy!  Ready to take either sister’s place.  Not so fast, says Kyle! 

We were trying to wrap our heads around a RHOBH without Kyle and Mauricio and just couldn’t imagine what kind of vibe it would have.  But it turns out we don’t have to worry about that..probably.  Access Hollywood caught up with Kyle at an event last night and she dished what she could on the casting for the upcoming season. 

Kyle shared about the casting shakeups, “I’m not allowed to say too much, but there are some big changes. ”  She also added that she was very happy for the break in filming becaus it was such an intense season. 

When asked about Kathy signing on to the show, either to push her out or sister Kim, Kyle laughed it off.  “No, that’s a rumor.  The lies are crazy. I heard my sister was joining, I was fired and begging for my job.  I heard someone else was joining..”  She adds, “they say where there’s smoke there’s fire, but there’s no smoke even!  I don’t know where they came up with these things.”


She was also asked how Kim was doing in rehab.  Kyle shared, “she’s doing better, she’s taking care of herself and doing what she needs to do to get healthy.” 

In other Beverly Hills news, Brandi Glanville had until today to make her “big decision” but so far she’s not sharing.  At this point, I can’t see how they’d have Brandi on as a “friend of” when she’d have nobody to film with, so it’s not like she’d just randomly be at a party/event.  We’ll have to wait and see, I guess. 

P.S.  Dear Brandi, please stop posting photos of your young sons in their freaking underwear!!  It might be funny or cute privately between family members but on social media?  Creepy.   I won’t even link to it, but if you follow her on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. 

P.P.S. – How good is Kyle looking in these pics??  A break in filming looks good on her.

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