Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Truth Be Told

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Who is at the door? No seriously? Who is Mimi Faust meeting with that she should have been honest with long ago? Last week we were served with a cliffhanger of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta proportions, and I need to know who is on the other side of Mimi’s front door. Unless it’s Stevie J., because that will just be a major let down…and I’m deflated like a popped balloon. Mimi wants to come clean to Stevie? Please. Speaking on her sex tape with Nikko, Mimi admits that it was Nikko’s idea to leak the video for cash. However, Mimi reveals that she knew that Nikko was going to sell the tape and she helped him come up with the story. He even decided to make her the victim. Mimi cries about her horrible decisions, and Stevie reminds her that she doesn’t need to feel sorry for herself. Instead, she needs to go forward making sure they make this right for their daughter’s future. Stevie can’t judge Mimi’s actions as he’s done much worse. Mimi feels as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She only hopes everyone else will be as understanding as her ex.

Lil’ Scrappy is meeting with former step-father Ernest. He muses that if he can forgive Ernest for stealing from him, everyone else should follow suit. Ernest wants to prove himself to Momma Dee’s kids, and he shares that he is ready to renew his vows with Dee. Scrappy is shocked by how quickly their relationship is progressing…he figured his fickle mother would want a long engagement in the event she grows bored of Ernest. Whatever makes the pair happy works for Scrap, and he’s more than a little excited to pass off his overbearing mother onto someone else. 


Kalenna is trying to be supportive of Tony’s latest endeavor, but not when he doesn’t come home all night without so much as a phone call. When Kalenna confronts him, Tony is cussing up a storm. He’s got to keep an eye on his investment, right? She reminds him that the last night he started pulling all-nighters, he was cheating on her. Kalenna is overwhelmed by raising the baby and trying to further her music career, and her manager/husband isn’t much of a help. As Kalenna sobs, Tony screams that she needs to find another manager. He’s a charmer! Speaking of charmers, Yung Joc is crashing on Sina’s sofa since Khadiyah kicked him to the curb. Sina wishes that he would just come home for good, but he is trying not to send her mixed messages. He wants to work things out with KD.

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Margeaux is hosting an art show, and Ariane is modeling the body painting of Nikko’s wife. She is happy to be working for Margeaux, but she’s a huffing, eye-rolling mess when Nikko arrives to support his lady. Margeaux wonders why Ariane has so much animosity towards a man she barely knows. Ariane could say the same thing about Margeaux’s feelings about Mimi. Did someone say Mimi? She loves to waltz into places where she knows she won’t be welcome, doesn’t she? If she hates Margeaux and Nikko so much, why would she attend the art show? Mimi wants to apologize to Ariane for her lies, and what better place than at Margeaux’s event? Ariane begs her friend not to be confrontational, and Mimi pulls Margeaux aside to tell her side of the sex tape leak. Mimi boasts that she was lying her face off for the past several months, and Ariane is appalled by her friend’s admission. As Mimi and Margeaux get into a silly altercation, Ariane ushers Mimi outside. Mimi is over the top defensive, screaming that she made her bad decisions. Ariane can’t believe her friend lied to her face and let her go to the mat supporting her lies. I’m not one-hundred percent sure, but I think VH1’s editing team missed a Mimi nip slip…

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On the opening night of Klub Kapture, Joseline Hernandez is performing with Stevie. Kalenna is still livid with her husband, but she is in attendance to watch her friend sing and make sure this new space is a success. Kalenna complains to Rasheeda while Tony recaps their fight to Stevie. Coming home at 10 AM? Even Stevie knows that is a sure fire way to have eggs thrown at you. Balancing marriage and management is tough, but Stevie urges him to make things right. Is Kirk Frost asleep behind his wife? Rasheeda suggests that Kalenna speak with someone who can help her work through her issues with Tony. She recommends the woman who helped her and Kirk. During church on Sunday, Ernest gives his testimony on the power of love. His words move Dee as the congregation cheers. He discusses his desire to get her something much nicer than her current promissory ring. Getting down on one knee, Ernest proposes with some real bling and nary a chicken wing. Dee is impressed, and she serenades her new fiance. 

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Mimi’s truth train has inspired Margeaux to reveal some secrets of her own. She goes to Nikko to explain what happened at her art show. Mimi has finally admitted her part in the sex tape, and Nikko is glad that she’s finally being honest…even if it’s out of fear of being exposed. Margeaux never apologized to Nikko for cheating on her, and she’s worried that hurt may have been one of the causes of Nikko’s desire to make a sex tape with Mimi. He appreciates her apology, and she continues that she believes they should separate. That isn’t what Nikko was expecting to hear. She feels their marriage is toxic, and they keep hurting each other. Nikko hates to see his wife cry. They’re much better actors than some of their co-stars! Across town, Joc is finally permitted back in Khadiyah’s condo. She alerts him of some things that have been happening with her body, and she decides it’s time for her to take a pregnancy test. Joc is floored. How many kids can he father? After the test proves negative, Joc tries hard to contain his glee. Khadiyah questions what he would have done if she’d been pregnant. Joc is honest…he doesn’t want another child out of wedlock, but he also doesn’t want to marry someone just because she is pregnant with his child. Plus, isn’t he still married to that woman from last week’s meeting of the moms? 


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