Kim Kardashian Covers Rolling Stone; Talks Bikini Selfies, Gun Control, Rob Kardashian, Feminism, And More

Kim Kardashian on Rolling Stone

Kim Kardashian and her boobs posed for the cover of Rolling Stone. Inside, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star opened up about serious issues we’ve all lost sleep over, like where is Rob Kardashian and how she managed to never flash her vagina when she palled around with Paris Hilton.

Kim shared what she learned from her secret marriage to Damon Thomas at age 20, “I was very happy at home learning how to cook and clean and keep a house. I knew that was where I wanted to end up.” So when is Kim going home and staying there? And can we have her internet access revoked??


Is Kim a feminist like Farrah Abraham?

“I have never really been one on labels, and I don’t like to push my view. If I feel something, it’s how I feel. I never say, ‘I feel this way, so you should feel that way.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I just am who I am. But, yeah, I think you would call me a feminist.”

 There’s way more to Kim than just those boobs:

“I believe that I am so much smarter than I’m portrayed.”

Why paparazzi never caught a glimpse of her vagina (unlike Paris):

“I rarely wear underwear, but that never happened to me. I was never drinking. I think that saved me a lot.”

Not even bonding over sex tapes could fix her friendship with Paris:

“I don’t think she was that happy. We didn’t really talk about it. I probably would have thought, ‘My gosh, let me give her advice,’ but we had no communication. But our friendship had fizzled before that.”

What does Kim think about her sex tape now?

“I don’t really think about it. I thought about it for a long time. But when I get over something, I get over it.”

Kanye introduced Kim to runway fashion (and the fashion industry is still in mourning):

“The makeover Kanye has given me is amazing.”

Does Kim consider herself a role model?

“In a certain way, I would never say I think I’m a role model or anything like that, but you know I live my life the way that I live it and I just try to be a good person. And I don’t try to look to be a role model for people. I think it’s a lot of pressure. If they think of me that way I’m so honored and so appreciative and I do what I can to be one, I guess.”

Rob spends his days smoking weed and playing video games (maybe he should give Jenelle Evans a call):

“It’s not that mysterious, what’s happening with Rob. He has gained weight. He feels uncomfortable being on the show, and that’s OK. Do I think he smokes weed, drinks beer, hangs out, and plays video games with his friends all day long? Yes.”

Kim Kardashian

At the Commonwealth Club of California, where she was not welcome with open arms, Kim shared deep thoughts on gun control, raising biracial children, work ethic, capturing the perfect selfie, and more.

Why is Kim so popular?

“Maybe it’s the bikini selfies.”

Kim takes social media VERY seriously:

“I’m so open, I definitely over share, but I’m really engaged. I do it all myself. I can tell when someone in the business isn’t doing it themselves. I really do love social media. I credit it to a lot of my career. My career is based on openness – openness and honesty.”

Do not expect her to share everything:

“I used to film everything but now I’ve stopped doing that. I don’t always share birthdays and I have time with my daughter when she has her breakfast. I’m a workaholic but I make time for my daughter.”

Kim’s thoughts on the Paparazzi:

“Annoying, but you know what, I’m still a realistic person. Without them people wouldn’t have taken much notice of me so I give credit where it’s due.”

The problem with today’s young girls (besides the fact that they idolize people like Kim) according to Kim:

“There is this generation of young people – girls – who are beautiful but don’t have a strong work ethic. People sometimes think that with looks things will be easy, but I just encourage people to put in the work.”

Kim feels good about objectifying herself:

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think there’s power in that. I have the control to put out what I want, so even if I’m objectifying myself, I feel good about it.”

Never underestimate the power of a selfie:

“The key to a good selfie is lighting, if you’re not feeling yourself make it darker. Do it in the mirror, it’s all about angles. Know your angles. I like up to down and there you go – a perfect selfie.”

What would make the world a better place (wait, isn’t the perfect selfie enough?) according to Kim:

“If there was gun control. They scare me so much. I’m not the type to have them in my house – the security at the front of my house might but not in my house. I truly honestly believe we don’t have strict enough gun control laws and it would change a lot.”

What Kim loves about Kanye:

 “I love most the way he loves, the way he creates, and the way he thinks. He’s such a good person and I love how he just stands up for whatever he believes in wholeheartedly and never backs down without a care for how it comes across. He’s taught me to just be me. I really used to care so much about how people thought of me, and he taught me to not care.”

Kim’s thoughts on raising biracial children:

“I did have an awful experience on a plane once, she was slurring racial things at me. North was less than one so she didn’t know. I was about to go over and say something then an Indian man stopped me and said it just isn’t worth it. So I have experienced it but Kanye and I together are so open, he is so vocal about race, so I think we’ll be really helpful for our children. We will talk to our children the way our dad spoke to us. He had a lot of friends in bi-racial relationships. I think he knew I would be in an inter-racial relationship, he would tell me story after story.”

The media exploited Kim when took her clothes off for the camera:

“Sometimes the media exploited me, but I don’t care. As long as I’m happy and I like the photographer, then I don’t care. I always learn from my mistakes, but something like a photo shoot, I never regret. I would so do them over. Something like the Paper magazine, I loved that shoot. It was so empowering to me, I was trying to get pregnant, I had put on so much weight but it was my, ‘I’m confident again.'”


Photo Credit: Instagram