Cosmo Names Farrah Abraham As One Of The Internet’s Most Fascinating People

Internet's Most Fascinating Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham‘s interviews never fail to amuse me, and her latest, talking to Cosmo after they named her one of the Internet’s Most Fascinating People, was no exception. The Teen Mom OG star explained how she deals with her haters, why her fans admire her, how she’s changed over the years, and much more. The highlights:

There are many words in Farrah‘s portfolio of literacy but humble is not one of them. “No matter what I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing the best in it that we know of,” she said. “What I’m saying by that is, if I’m developing novelty toys, I’m winning awards. If I’m writing books, I’m a New York Times best seller – how do I do it all? I don’t know.”


Farrah does not pay attention to her haters:

“I don’t really pay attention to much online. Listen, I was, like, the most popular girl growing up and I had women do the same thing to me then as now. And I overcame it.”

“To this day, women who reach out to me, they’re like ‘Farrah, I just want you stay strong where you are, because I used to be in that same place with people shaming me, being negative to me, perceiving me as something else I wasn’t, and I love how you speak out about it, I love how you don’t care what they say, and you’re really, really strong.’ What sets me apart is staying true to myself and living my life. I do not associate with and I do not speak back to negativity.”

On the flip side, Farrah gets a lot of fan mail:

“They are very inspired by me. [Fans] talk a lot in detail about watching me for years, seeing my struggles, and understanding that no matter what negativity I’ve gone through — because I’m transforming and I’m getting older now — I’m learning from it. They’re proud of me.”

Farrah credits her therapist for the new Farrah:

“The person who I used to be when I was growing up was very judgmental and very reactive. I’ve opened up my mind. I forgive myself. I love myself more. If not for therapy, honestly, you would be talking to a whole other woman right now.”

Who knew God has such a good sense of humor?

“I think God is my manager. God is my guide. Because within entertainment, I can’t control anyone, I can’t pay somebody enough. God really has helped me be the best person that I can be throughout all the difficult paths that I’ve had to deal with … and for that, self-love is my number-one priority, and it really shines out to the world.”

Farrah is Farrah’s biggest fan:

“I wouldn’t ever imagine being anyone but me. I love everything that I do and I love all the opportunities in my life.”

Farrah is an advocate for feminism (I assume she’s learned since 2013 that feminist and lesbian are not synonyms) and women’s rights:

“When I was growing up, I really admired Sandra Bullock and Jessica Alba. It just seemed like they were great women and they were strong. I just really like strong, nice, feminist, empowered women. I’m definitely a feminist. I know that other women are definitely looking up to me for that, and wanting me to strive to be in women’s rights organizations and speak more about it.”

Farrah’s “mishaps” won’t negatively affect Sophia:

“I feel like being famous and having attention will not have a negative effect on my daughter or Sophia’s actions as she gets older, because she has been growing up with it, and I do take it very seriously because of the mishaps that I’ve had in the public eye. I am letting her understand and letting her be aware of how to grow herself in a healthy way — rather than letting others take her uniqueness and turning it against her.”

Farrah, the communicator, isn’t about bitterness:

“I’m a communicator, I like to love, and I like to be very passionate. Those are the three very most important things in my life, and if others cannot communicate or just be passionate and loving with me, it ends up being bitter … a bitter interaction, which is not what life’s about.”

When asked to describe herself in one or two words:

“I have to agree with you. I’m just fascinating.”

You can read Farrah’s interview in its entirety at Cosmopolitan. Also, check out the photo shoot, which features Farrah reading My Mommy is Beautiful, a book about plastic surgery, to Sophia and Farrah baking cookies in a bikini.


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