Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…

LHHATL joseline jessica

So Love & Hip Hot Atlanta, right? I hope y’all didn’t crash Fandango’s site trying to get tickets to the movie that surely proves the apocalypse is near. What in the world? Are Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez the next Brangelina? I digress…let’s backtrack a bit, shall we? Last night’s episode begins with the Jessica Dime/Joseline showdown, except it’s not an actual showdown. Both women want to remind the other of their memories of the past. Jessica wants Shanellequa Bennecourt to recall their friendship and their nights out on the town…and the evening they stayed in together, but all Joseline can recollect is that they once shared a locker at the strip club. For some reason, Joseline has a handful of singles she starts throwing at Jessica, who retaliates by throwing the dollar bill back in Joseline’s face. Before anyone can get bent out of shape over the dollar shower that’s happening, Jessica is escorted out by production assistants. Really, ladies? I had higher hopes for you both. 

Kirk Frost is working with new artist Ashley Nicole who is rightfully nervous about how his wife Rasheeda will feel about her upcoming performance given the recent back and forth between the two. Ashley is hoping to prove herself to Rasheeda so that her contract doesn’t get shredded due to her disrespectful behavior. Rasheeda prides herself on being a businesswoman, so she’s happy to oblige, and she vows to Erica Dixon that she know there is no funny business between Ashley and her husband. If this girl is going to make her money, that’s fine by Rasheeda. Of course, Ashley’s auto tune lip sync and barely there outfit leave Rasheeda with a bad taste in her mouth…that and the fact that Kirk introduced her as his “sexy new artist.” Not able to read her audience, Ashley approaches Rasheeda immediately after her song who is happy to give her constructive criticism. Ashley teases that Kirk picked out her outfit (it was classier than what she’d first chosen), but she needs Rasheeda’s input on her future career. Ashley is humble, and she wants Rasheeda and Kirk to be one happy family on her upcoming promotional tour. Erica can’t believe her ears, and Ashley has the somewhat good sense to exit before she further sticks her foot in her mouth. 


After her altercation with Jessica, Joseline rehashes the encounter with Stevie. VH1 has totally dropped the ball on subtitles. Stevie tries to divert his wife’s attention to bigger and better deal to distract from Joseline claiming that Jessica once said that Stevie propositioned her. He distracts Joseline with the news that someone wants to him to executive produce a romantic comedy starring Joseline. It’s entitled That Time of the Month. Los Angeles, here they come like it or not! Across town, back at the club, Rasheeda approaches Kirk about learning about Ashley’s promo tour from Ashley…and not her husband. She wants to put the kibosh on any twosome travel, insinuating that Kirk’s track record doesn’t fare well when it comes to him traveling sans wife. 

lhhatl margeaux

It seems that everyone is trying to revive their music careers, and Jessica is participating in an open-mic night. Karlie Redd and Nikko’s soon to be ex Margeaux (sporting a faux hawk) are in attendance. Before the show, the women gossip about what a horrible manager that Mimi Faust is proving to be, and Karlie can’t wait to hear what happened when Jessica confronted Joseline. She needs to hear that her pot stirring hasn’t fallen by the wayside, and Karlie encourages Jessica to to overshare with Margeaux about that one time Joseline paid her for sex. Are we still talking about this? It’s hilariously epic. Hearing that Margeaux is a performer as well, Jessica puts her on the spot and calls her up for her turn on the microphone. Margeaux is unfazed, and she’s actually extremely talented. I think Jessica’s plan may have backfired. Karlie can’t wait to add Margeaux to her new label because she’s decided to start a record company. Apparently her boutique wasn’t enough. She could host an elementary school career day and be the only speaker!

Mimi has added some glasses to her look to appear more intellectual and less sex-tape-star, and she’s meeting with Jessica to apologize for totally neglecting her budding career as she’s been forced to deal with Nikko and Margeaux’s incessant desire to out her as a co-conspirator in the leaked home porn movie. Jessica calmly recites her list of complaints with Mimi’s management, and Mimi promises she’s trying to get her ducks in a row behind the scenes. Jessica wants to know why Mimi touted her management as a collaboration with Stevie, yet she’s yet to be in the studio…with Stevie or otherwise. Out of respect for Mimi’s daughter, Jessica refrains from mentioning that Stevie once offered her his special sauce, but she does let it slip that Dawn wants to be her new manager. Mimi scoffs, questioning if Jessica realizes that Dawn is just a lowly booking agent. Mimi promises to deliver, and Jessica agrees to give her one more chance–but just one.

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Across the country, Stevie and Joseline have arrived in Los Angeles to discuss their upcoming movie deal. This scene totally reminds me of a high school project I did with friends when we pretended to be CEOs for an assignment in my economics class. Fake, fake, fake…of course, they’ll prove me wrong with That Time of the Month is next summer’s biggest blockbuster. Where are these folks who are making these ridiculous multi-million dollar deals and why won’t they give me a job? After their meeting, Stevie and Joseline are riding high about taking Hollywood by storm. Joseline can’t wait to be the next Angelina Jolie, and Stevie is thrilled to have full creative control. Lord help us all. Back in Atlanta, Rasheeda has begrudgingly allowed Kirk to take Ashley on the promotional tour, and Erica feels the need to knock some sense into her friend. After all, now that she’s no longer with Lil’ Scrappy, she needs a story line! Erica questions Kirk’s motives and reminds Rasheeda of Kirk’s past indiscretions. Rasheeda is one-hundred percent sure that Kirk isn’t stupid enough to leave her for a nobody with no money. Erica disagrees…doesn’t Rasheeda agree that all men are stupid? Doesn’t she remember Benzino’s cabin party

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After Mimi’s chat with Jessica, she feels the need to confront Dawn about trying to poach her artist. Oh Mimi. Those glasses don’t make you look professional any more than a monocle makes me look like Mr. Peanut. The women go back and forth about how each could further Jessica’s career, but Dawn is a broken record about how she could  make Jessica the dollars she wants. As Dawn exits, Mimi insults her weight (I think), which is proof that she really doesn’t have much to offer. Meanwhile, Erica’s words have Rasheeda worried that she may be trusting Kirk more than she should. She vows not to stalk him via cell, and instead goes for the sneaky hotel room call. Smart move…no caller ID there. Of course, it’s game on when Ashley answers the phone in Kirk’s room. Road trip! Rasheeda hangs up and scoops Erica in the middle of the night for a bit of late night recon. There’s a teaser scene of Ashley purportedly hooking up with someone, but I’m going to go ahead and call it–Kirk let her and some dude borrow his room. Gross, yes, but just the added bit of drama L&HH: ATL needs without causing a Frost divorce. Rasheeda bangs on the hotel door as Ashley giggles inside. Not surprisingly, we’ll have to wait until next week to see if my hunch is correct!


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