Lisa Nicole Cloud Talks Her Fight With Quad Webb-Lunceford On Married To Medicine

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole Cloud and Quad Webb-Lunceford came to blows over the petty background check nonsense on Married to Medicine this week. Neither Lisa nor Quad wrote a Bravo blog this week, but Lisa shared her side of the story on Talking with Tami. Lisa said Quad got a big head when “people made her the fan favorite” and she became “vindictive and manipulative” in order to put on a show (she likes to play victim in my opinion) and remain the favorite. 

On the show, Lisa said she checked Quad‘s background when she considered investing in Picture Perfect Pup. But – shocker – her story has changed.

“Reality TV is a business, and as I’ve always said, it was never personal, it was a business decision. I did a background check on three of the cast mates because I did not know them from a can of paint and I wanted to see who I was on a show with,” admitted Lisa. “I have never revealed anything that I learned either. It was just for my own personal knowledge. The other cast mates did not care. We know it’s part of being on TV that your life is an open book.”


According to Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Lisa ordered background checks on Quad, Heavenly, and Mariah. Lisa said she apologized to them and everyone but Quad moved on. Quad “wanted this to be a controversial storyline this season,” added Lisa.

Lisa explained throwing water in Quad‘s face as going into “mama bear mode” to protect her family. “She has planted very bad seeds and have spread lots of malicious rumors about me and my family which are 100% not true,” insisted Lisa. “I went into mama bear mode. Anyone would protect their family! I signed up to do the show not my family! We got into a heated argument when she started saying my husband has illegitimate children – which he does not by the way – and I just lost it”

“My husband and I have had our differences, and there was infidelity when we were dating but my husband has not cheated on me since we married,” Lisa continued. “[Quad] just keeps making up these lies and she pushed my button! I felt horrible after the incident but I was just protecting my family.”

Lisa went on to say that Quad preplanned to go after Darren this season and even bragged about it around town. “She also put rumors out there about my husband having an affair with a gay man and more. She doesn’t know what lie she wants to perpetuate, cheater, gay, dead beat dad… it’s all a very malicious way to in her words ‘slay people’ to feel she is the star,” accused Lisa. “She did it to Mariah last season and this season she is coming for me. She told people around town before the season started she was coming for my husband.”

Lisa, who reportedly ordered background checks on her co-stars prior to the reunion to have ammunition against them if needed, added, “It’s just way below the belt and unnecessary to make good TV.” #PotMeetKettle

“I will admit and own my wrongdoing,” shared Lisa. “I should never have thrown water in her face. Under no circumstances was that acceptable. I had a moment when I lost it and I do regret that happened. For that I was wrong. Also do keep in mind, some things are edited out on reality TV and parts of the incident were not shown, including a punch she threw which prompted me to self defend.”

Head over to Talking With Tami to read the rest of Lisa’s interview.


Photo Credit: Bravo