Dorinda Medley Freaks Out

Dorinda Medley is weighing in on the episode that may well have been the tipping point in her Real Housewives of New York freshmen season. She shares her support of Ramona Singer’s (old) selfish and (new) single behavior, why spending a week with her castmates can drive anyone to drink, and how too many drinks can lead to an all out war about F-bombs over dinner.

“Well, here we are in the Turks and Caicos—still—and all hell is on the verge of breaking loose,” begins Dorinda. “Scary Island 2.0 doesn’t even begin to describe it…Seriously, it feels more like Purgatory as the days go on. I’m beyond exhausted and simply not used to being with so many women all the time.” Admitting she is “short-fused” which caused her to overreact about Heather Thomson walking ahead of her to dinner at Fire and Ice, Dorinda was amused this episode when Bethenny Frankel and “Madame Yummie went on a ‘I know you are but what am I?’ adventure and out know-it-all’d each other. Fun to watch!”


Dorinda was also amused by Ramona’s literal a$$ kissing of Bethenny: “Did you see Ramona give Bethenny a kiss on the bum? Almost like gay porn on a paddleboard but cute as hell! LOL!” Also loving the Conch Bar they dined at later that night, Dorinda has only kind words for the Ramonacoaster that swooped in on Eligible Bachelor #1. “Of course, single girl Ramona has no interest in the meal—food is boring to her—so she goes for the only main course she finds interesting—the sexiest man in the place—and works her seductive, coquettish ways. (I know you all like that word ‘coquettish,’ so I’ll just do my best to drop it in here and there…) Besides, what’s a RHONY trip without some Turtle Time with The RamonaCoaster? I don’t see why the girls got so offended by Ramona going off the bar for some mingling while singling.”

Sad that Bethenny left early, Dorinda says she did enjoy the The Gansevoort “which Sonja [Morgan] arranged for us.” (Really? Not Bravo? Hmmmm….) Although the hotel jaunt did not come drama-free. “We all end up on the balcony, overlooking the beach, and start with the pokes and prods and barbs and jabs…Listen, besides outright betrayal, there’s really nothing to get so judgy over. And certainly no need to start throwing zingers as if it’s a shakedown or competition,” claims Dorinda. “I just want all the girls to be happy and not hurt each other or themselves. I want us to be there for each other when we need advice, but there’s no need to mother one another or be moralist or preacher or judge. Let’s all find our happy place and be supportive, right? At this point in our lives, no one needs a judge and jury. It’s monotonous.”

Adding one last shout out to Ramona for cornering a dude in a bar, Dorinda blogs, “So Ramona had a little flirt and a good night with a guy she was talking up at a bar…big whoop! HOORAY RAMONA! YOU GO GIRL! (See? That wasn’t hard to do…)”

“But wait…The #F—YOU dinner…God have mercy! #mess,” continues Dorinda. “Yes, I did drink a little TOO much, and not that I want to excuse it, but I will say this: I was exhausted, physically and mentally, and quite frankly, ready to go home. I am feeling like if one more topic is belabored and over-discussed, I was going to go all Patty Hearst on everyone. Listen, we were all on vacation, and every once in a while, you get a little tipsy on vacation. It’s not like we broke new ground here, people. I don’t think it merits the full-fledged onslaught, did it? Heather and I got into it over a silly topic that got blown out of proportion, and then it was over—or I tried to just get out of the way and end it. That’s that. As you’ll see, it all moves forward and the story continues…Sigh. Moral of the story: I need to take my daily nap and make the martinis much dirtier… (For those who don’t understand that, it means more olive juice, less vodka.)”

As for Kristen Taekman suggesting it something more than booze that drove Dorinda to the slurry brink, Dorinda snipes, “I just think it’s just her cry for attention. Surprisingly, she hated it last year when people made assumptions about her life and her marriage. No need for some history to repeat, I think.”

Although she claims the F-bomb argument fizzles out quickly, Dorinda warns that the trip keeps delivering the crazy all the way through to the end. “Believe me, it gets better and better, and at the end of the day, we all do like—if not love—each other, and these blips are just some of the trappings of good ol’ Houswifery.”

And regarding that thing on her lip? “You’ll all be glad to know I’m now thinking of investing in designer bibs and a Dust Buster for my face,” snarks Dorinda. “You’re welcome.”


Photo Credit: Bravo