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Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming! Not only did VH1 mess with my head with a Sunday premiere of this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (that I wasn’t able to watch until it’s regularly scheduled time!), but then they go and give Ashley Nicole a girlfriend, totally throwing Rasheeda for a loop. When we last left the crew, Rasheeda had enlisted Erica Dixon to accompany her to a hotel where she thought she’s catch husband Kirk Frost in the act with his new artist. Once they force their way into the hotel room, Rasheeda is searching closets and looking under beds (newsflash, Kirk’s forehead alone isn’t going to fit in any of those places!) as Ashley loudly protests. Next, Erica assesses the situation, and Rasheeda isn’t a good enough actress to feign shock at Ashley’s bed mate. Raheeda admits that she may have been wrong about Ashley’s sexual preference, but she’s not incorrect about Ashley’s disrespectful behavior. 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bambi, but Lil’ Scrappy has been moved by Momma Dee’s romance with Ernest. Bambi has been patient with sporting her own promissory ring. He hands her a tiny box, and Bambi may faint if this is the proposal she’s been hoping for…but alas, Scrappy isn’t ready for that shiznighee called marriagenighzee. He gifts her with a key to his house, but Bambi wants to make sure he gets things squared away with Erica before she calls a moving truck. Erica has been against the couple since day one, and with all the messy child support claims Erica is lodging against Scrappy, Bambi doesn’t want to find herself caught up in the drama. 


Feeling a little sheepish about thinking the worst of her husband, Rasheeda heads to Kirk’s actual room to find him chilling and listening to music. He’s shocked to see his wife at the door, but she finds it humorous that she flew all of this way to catch him not doing anything wrong. Doesn’t she know that Ashley likes the ladies? Granted, Kirk didn’t know that Ashley was gay until her girlfriend showed up on the tour, but he’s not going to tell that to his wife. He teases her about her jealousy and the fact she missed him so much she had to see him in the middle of the night…which is the perfect time for some romance. 

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Mimi Faust is determined to prove to Jessica Dime that she has what it takes to be a good manager. She heads to Jazze Pha’s studio to make amends and apologizes for her rookie mistake of bringing two artists to the same meeting and not telling either of them it was going to be a joint session. Jazze Pha jokes about her insubordinate clients but is quick to accept her apology. Mimi tries to explain her artists’ behavior, but she promises that while Jessica may be uncouth, she has talent. Jazze isn’t interested in bothering with Jessica as she’s too much of a liability, but he’s willing to work with Tiffanie Foxx…if Mimi can convince her that she’s the right fit as a manager. Across town, Yung Joc is still trying to prove himself to Khadiyah. She misses him, but she’s not willing to welcome him back with open arms just yet. He heads to her condo for cocktails and reveals that he’s moving forward with his divorce so he’ll be a free man for her. KD is floored by this admission. He has been married to his wife for thirteen years. While they have been separated for ages, he’s never met someone who made him want to finalize their divorce…until Khadiyah. Second on his list is to tell Sina that any extra curricular shenanigans they had together are coming to a screeching halt. 

Now that Tony has made it clear that he no longer wants to manage his wife’s career, Kalenna wants to see if Deb Atney has what it takes to fill his shoes and take her career to the next level. Deb hopes that Kalenna has gotten rid of some of the drama in her life and is ready to focus on her music going forward. Kalenna reveals to Deb that Tony thinks she could find a better manager, but at the end of the day, she knows he’ll accept her decision as long as she’s bringing in the cash. That said, what exactly can Deb do for Kalenna? Deb isn’t a fan of this line of questioning, but she listens as Kalenna drones on about how she’s stepping in at a time when all the major leg work has been done. Let’s get this straight, it would be a privilege for Deb to work with Kalenna, who makes money while she sleeps. Deb doesn’t mention that she’s heard all about Kalenna’s financial woes, but she doesn’t take kindly to Kalenna questioning her ability to help her career. The women exchange words, and at Deb’s behest, Kalenna once again finds herself sans manager.

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After presenting Bambi with a key to his hisnighouse, Scrappy goes to Erica to make amends. Erica is wary of his visit given they now argue constantly over child support. He promises that he wants to make things right and get their situation away from their attorneys. He’s willing to meet her halfway, and he hopes they can get back to co-parenting with no animosity. Erica can’t believe her ears. While she doesn’t pry into his change of heart, she thinks it’s a step in the right direction before their daughter’s birthday. Meanwhile, Mimi is admitting her wrongs to Tiffanie Foxx, owning her mistakes and sharing her recent conversation with Jazze Pha. Tiffanie is excited by Mimi’s revelation, but she really wants to work with Stevie J. He’s in high demand for sure! Also making amends? Rasheeda is supervising a photo shoot for Ashley, and the women are trying to bury the hatchet…slowly but surely. Rasheeda apologizes for her unprofessional behavior when busting down Ashley’s hotel room door, and Ashley is quick to forgive. She opens up to Rasheeda about her mother’s suicide which made her both jaded and tough, but also seriously craving a female role model.

Sina is enjoying some family time with Joc and the kids, and she’s hoping he’s going to tell her that he’s ready to come home to her and their twins. However, the conversation goes south when he admits that he doesn’t think they are good as a couple. When she learns that he’s going back to KD, she causes a giant scene in the middle of a kids’ play land. He tries to tout his honesty, but he finds himself dodging her punches. He exits stage left before the kids can witness any more of the madness. After working things out with Tiffanie, Mimi is focused on finding the perfect producer for Jessica. She’s arranged a meeting with Jermaine Dupri, and she’s already lectured Jessica on proper studio behavior. Jermaine reveals that Dime’s reputation precedes her after that incident with Jazze Pha, but she’s hoping she can overcome that initial impression. He plays part of her latest track which he dubs “Stripper Fight Music.” He isn’t making any promises, but Jermaine doesn’t think she’ll be a tough sell to potential audiences. Post-meeting, Mimi presents Jessica with a contract, urging her to think over her decision and discuss any questions with her attorney. Jessica is excited to give Mimi a second chance…and get one herself.

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Basically, that leaves Kalenna as the only cast member without a manager, so she’s helping Tony at Klub Kapture. Rasheeda stops in to visit her friend, but she’s worried about telling her friend how things went with Deb. As she begins to recap their meeting, we follow a faceless, robe-wearing, bootilicious mystery woman as she glides into the club. Well if it isn’t Tammy Rivera, wife of Wacka Flocka Flame, daughter-in-law of Deb, and former cast member of LHHATL! She is livid that Kalenna has disrespected Deb, and Kalenna tries to explain her side of the story. Kalenna doesn’t appreciate Deb sending her minions, but Rasheeda understands that Tammy is only defending her family. However, she’s quick to step in when things get more heated between the ladies…


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