Lisa Nicole Cloud Calls Out Married To Medicine Producers; Admits Husband Darren Has Been To The Strip Club

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole Cloud hasn’t written a Married to Medicine blog in four weeks, but she’s talked to everyone and anyone who will listen to her about her drama with Quad Webb-Lunceford. Of course. No one can beat a dead horse quite like the M2M cast.

Lisa insisted she had no malicious intent when she ran a background check on her co-stars and she blamed Quad and her need for drama for this storyline.

“It doesn’t feel very good because prior to the season starting there were many times when I sat down with Quad, offered her an apology, and tried to find a way that we could work through this as mature women. She wanted no parts of that. She absolutely wanted this to be a storyline,” said Lisa. “Quad thought that she could push me around. She was a bully in that regard. She thought the weakness was meekness. The one thing I said when I came onto this cast is, ‘I’m intelligent, I’m articulate, and I’m rich. And no one pushes me around.’ And I meant every bit of it.”


Lisa said she checked Quad‘s background because she considered investing in Picture Perfect Pup… no wait, because she wanted to know more about her co-stars… no wait, because production encouraged her to come to the reunion prepared. “In preparing for our reunion, it was advised of me, from producers, to know my cast members,” she said. “I didn’t really know them before the show, so in preparing for the reunion, I did due diligence.”

“I’m not the type of person that’s going to be on the internet Googling people trying to get information from gossip cites. That’s just not who I am. I’m going to take a professional approach,” explained Lisa. “I’m going to know who they are. I’m going to know their background. That’s the kind of facts I’m going to have on someone, not gossip. Quad, however, took offense to it. Even though I never ever stated one thing that was in her background, she took offense to it.”

But, when it came down to it, Lisa blurted out that Quad and Mariah Huq were lesbian lovers. Did she get that information from her “professional” background check? Um, no, she picked that up on the streets of Atlanta.

“That was just something that people were saying,” Lisa told Bossip. “I said, ‘well the streets are saying that there was a lesbian relationship between Quad and Mariah.’ I don’t know nor do I really care to be 100% honest but at the time she was attacking me saying ‘you’re not the person who you say you are, you’re not living your truth’ which is not true. I am everything I say I am. At that point I was like, ‘what about you? you aren’t really living your truth.’ It was not one of those things where I was putting it out there; it’s already been out there.”

Lisa said “they” (who I assume is M2M producers) planned out the “scene” at the restaurant, “Initially this was supposed to be a situation where Quad and I sit down and she dishes on what she found in my background and I was to confront her about her background, that is how they wanted the scene to go.”

“I had hoped that since I didn’t put her business out there that she wouldn’t put out mine,” shared Lisa. “The only thing that was in there was when my husband and I got into an argument, it escalated, the police were called, and then it got dismissed. That was the only thing that was there. When she did not have a lot on me, she then started going for my family and my husband.”

Lisa called out Quad‘s dramatics with the Band-Aid.

“Let me tell you something, when the incident actually happened Quad was so angry with the producers that she didn’t film for four weeks. When she finally did film, she put a big ole brown maxi pad on her face to just be drama and be extra because that’s just who she is. She’s over the top,” said Lisa, who shared a photo of Quad. “She was absolutely not hurt at all. The [day after the fight], one of her makeup artists posted on his Instagram page, ‘they tried to get Miss Quad but as you can see she is perfectly fine.’ No bandages on her face.”

“If you go to you’ll see her husband say, ‘she had a little scratch on her face.’ I’m not sure how she got the scratch. I did not break glass and cut the girl like she’s trying to make it seem, like I sliced her face. That did not happen,” insisted Lisa, “but that’s just Quad being extra, wanting this story line. She probably wanted it to be a story line like Porsha and Kenya. She definitely pressed charges, she was trying to pursue the police department to really bring up charges.”

Lisa hasn’t really addressed her ridiculous outburst at the strip club yet. She simply said she didn’t mean to offend anyone with her stance on strip clubs and acknowledged that – shocker – her husband HAS been to that club. It just, um, slipped his mind. HaHa.

“I don’t like to see women in that way,” bemoaned Lisa, “so I had some very strong opinions about strip clubs. I was not trying to be judgmental at all, I was just trying to have an opinion about morality. With us being in Atlanta, where it’s strip club capitol of the U.S., I have a feeling that it could potentially offend. I do not want to offend anyone, that was never my intent. I feel like if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

“I really had no idea my husband had gone [to this strip club] with his brothers,” admitted Lisa. “So when the woman comes up to me and says, ‘how’s Darren?’ I totally think it’s a set up. There’s no way my husband could’ve been in a strip club, we don’t do those kinds of things, and if he was gonna go, I would certainly know he was gonna go. It was not the case, he went with his brothers, he did not tell me.”

I’m bored with this storyline. Lisa needs to get over herself, and while she’s at it, she can carry her own damn tea. Personally, I think Lisa already knew that Darren frequented that club, and that’s why she did not want to go and why once she was there she put on a huge hat to try to conceal her face. #amateur


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