Quad Webb-Lunceford Bashes Lisa Nicole Cloud For Her Behavior At The Strip Club

Quad Webb-Lunceford Band-Aid

This week on Married to Medicine, we saw the aftermath of Lisa Nicole Cloud and Quad Webb-Lunceford‘s scuffle. Pretty much, they both managed to embarrass themselves for the second week in a row: Quad, with a bandage the size of Rhode Island on her face, and Lisa, with her pathetic outburst at the strip club. In her blog, Quad ripped Lisa apart for her behavior.

“This episode was loaded with truths,” blogged Quad. “As I said in my previous blog, mature adults, hear both sides, apply logic, and then draw a conclusion. Hats off to Jackie and Simone for not wanting to divide the group, but that was already done by Toya. As you saw, Tacky and Heav joined She Who Shall Not Be Named indulging and instigating gossip as she lied and bragged about what happened during last week’s altercation. They were delighted by the news they were hearing like three blind mice or should I say three hating mice hopping on gossip like it was a small piece of cheese. #MessyBootsDown”


Quad said she did not get her information from someone on Lisa‘s payroll.

“She Who Shall Not Be Named wants to now admit she has a battery charge, when in fact at Toya’s house she said nothing was in her background,” recalled Quad. “She’s such a little liar. She never said it during our heated discussion last week. I recall her screaming the word ‘AND’ several times. I guess I found more than she was comfortable with hence her irrational behavior. She’s trying so hard to make me look bad meanwhile, she’s exposing her true colors. By the way I don’t know any of those people who work for her so blaming them for the information I retrieved is just stupid. I can’t help that I have one hell of a private investigator.”

Quad said Lisa is a “compulsive liar” and a “delusional emotional wreck,” adding, “Instead of bragging and gloating, a woman of empowerment would be remorseful and apologetic.”

“It’s funny her calling me a hood rat bitch when she acts like a monkey from out of the jungle, better yet, a Tasmanian devil. The strip club proves it. She keeps trying to hide behind this momma bear crap,” griped Quad. Honey, this isn’t a nursery rhyme, this is real life. She shouldn’t be mad at no one but her husband because he’s the one who’s cheated on her continuously. I’m sure the cheating is more recent than she wants us to believe. I couldn’t imagine getting that angry and coming to blows about something that happened 10 years ago.”

Moving on to the drama at the strip club, Quad shared, “Here comes the blame game again, now she’s blaming Jill. It’s clear Jill had nothing to do with the stripper noting that Cheetahs is Dr. Darren’s favorite spot. Why is it that the dancer knows where Darren hangs out and She Who Shall Not Be Named doesn’t? Instead of getting a background check on me, she should have been getting a low jack on her husband’s car. Girl, #CatchFire”

Quad pointed out that Lisa has only herself to blame for outing Darren as a cheater on the show. “It’s pathetic how she upholds a cheater,” she said. “Or is she really just trying to uphold an image? It was not Jill or I who introduced her husband’s infidelities to the group. She has herself to thank for that!”

“Cussing, screaming, and pointing her finger in Jill’s face is unacceptable,” said Quad, and I agree. Lisa needs to wake up when it comes to Darren. “The fact that Toya has to literally walk her out of the strip club is ridiculous. So is she going to fight everyone who says anything about her husband? It’s clear the anger management classes and the time spent in jail, did not work for her. The woman is delirious, lying on Jill, saying ‘she paid the exotic dancer to say her husband frequents her job.'”

Girl, when Toya drags you away from a messy situation, you better re-evaluate your life. Or call Tabatha.

Quad brought up what I thought was the most pathetic (even worse, pathetic desperation) part of Lisa‘s meltdown, when she demanded Jill and the dancer admit that they planned the confrontation and/or flat-out lied about Darren‘s extracurricular activities. Seriously. Catch. A. Clue. Lisa.

“Let me point out how she tried to bully Jill into taking responsibility for what the dancer said about Darren. Hell she even tried to make the dancer say she was lying,” Quad said. “She really needs therapy and medication. Sorry She Who Shall Not Be Named you are a fool and your husband continues to make a mockery of you.”

Defending the dancers against Lisa‘s snobbery, Quad added, “The nerve she has looking down on the strippers is sheer ignorance stating ‘they are depressed, STD having slaves.’ I do not think she could motivate anyone with that judgmental elitist attitude.  I’ve never seen so many so called professional women judge and call other women bitches and whores. Some of these girls need to come off their high horses. The last time I checked it was their personal decision to become an exotic dancer. Passing out her cards. #GirlStop Dancers are into making coins not getting swindled. #PayItDust”

Quad brought up a lot of good points, but it’s hard for me to take her seriously, especially with that Band-Aid on her face. Shout out to Dr. Gregory for calling Quad out on her over-the-top dramatics. I live for the husbands on this show. I love them all. Err, well, ‘cept for one. #CheaterCheaterPumpkinEater


Photo Credit: Bravo