The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 7

I may be in the minority, but this season of Real Housewives of New York is just the bees’ knees for me. Bethenny Frankel grates on my last nerve, but I find her much more likable and down-to-earth than the Bethenny who covers the tabloids as I’m checking out at the grocery store. Dorinda Medley is a wonderful addition, simply because you never know what you’re going to get. She’s like a tamer, yet angrier, less likely to strip for fun version of Sonja Morgan. Luann de Lesseps and Heather Thomson both want to be cool, but I find them to be um, I don’t know, uncool most of the time–but entertaining nonetheless! 

This crew doesn’t stew indefinitely after a blow-up (except on Twitter), and their personalities mix well together for both silly pettiness and those rare but endearing moments when you realize that some of these friendships are the real deal. Of course, Carole Radziwill has remained my favorite since she first burst on the scene, but she’s not winning points with a few folks (one in particular) after this week’s episode.


Tuesday night followed some drama with denim and diamonds and showed widows Carole and Dorinda traveling to London to retrieve the ashes of Carole’s late husband Anthony who tragically died of cancer at age forty. Over Bloody Marys in the Sky Lounge, the women shared stories of their loss and how difficult it was to remain close to folks who were nearest and dearest to them when they were married to their late husbands.

Carole chronicled her relationship with fellow ABC News co-worker Anthony and teared up remembering how hard it was to lose her best friend Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Anthony’s cousin John F. Kennedy, Jr. in a horrific plane crash the same week that Anthony succumbed to his long illness. While I’m sure many viewers were touched by Carole’s uncommon display of vulnerability, Page Six is reporting that a certain someone wasn’t amused with Carole discussing Anthony’s passing on camera.

The site reveals that Carole’s mother-in-law Lee Radziwill, sister to former first lady late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (seriously, LuAnn, your family tree doesn’t compare) finds Carole’s behavior to be exploitative of her son’s devastating death. Anthony was born Lee and her second husband, Polish prince Stansislaw Albrecht Radziwill, making Carole royalty by marriage. Lee has tried to stay out of the public eye, so her daughter-in-law starring on Bravo isn’t exactly her cup of tea.

Speaking to Dorinda on this week’s show, Carole confided that she was still close to Lee, although a source claims that this recent story line is less than amusing to the socialite. An insider close to Lee tells Page Six, “She finds it tacky.” 

While I believe there is probably more than a smidgen of truth to this gossip, it doesn’t mean that the Carole and Lee aren’t still close. Their wounds are no doubt still raw, and at least Lee isn’t blasting her late son’s widow for this…which is what I’d be doing if I were a Bouvier


[Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo]

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