Kristen Taekman

Kristen Taekman is keeping her blog short and sweet (or maybe not so sweet when it comes to Ramona Singer) as she reflects on the good, the sad, and the crazy this week on the Real Housewives of New York

Starting with the scenes of Carole Radziwill retrieving her late husband Anthony’s urn, Kristen confesses she was emotional. She shares, “I was crying while watching this. She is not a hugger and very rarely cries. I was happy that she was able to have this time to feel these emotions. Sometimes I think that letting it all out is the best way to move on from grief and pain. Dorinda [Medley] was the perfect partner to share all of this with.”


One scene Kristen was glad to witness was the conversation Sonja Morgan attempted in vain to have with Ramona about girl code:  “I am happy that Sonja was able to explain to Ramona what girl code really is…aka it’s not cool to leave your guy unattended!” It is also not cool to evade, lie, accuse, brag, and blame. But those explanations are all lost on Ramona, so let’s just skip that for now!

Kristen also reports having a great time at Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl party, especially enjoying the hot-guy-invitation that came along with it. “Bethenny sent us each a personal invite to her Skinnygirl Valentine’s Day party. I am home one day alone when the door bell rings. To my surprise, it’s a hot guy with a bottle of wine and a dozen red roses! I almost fell over. I was just happy to not be in my bathrobe! OMG! I was speechless when he asked me if I had plans Tuesday night, and I think I may have muttered that I was married! LOL!”

Bethenny’s Valentine’s Day party was a hit,” reflects Kristen. “We were all asked to dress in red, which was fun, since I love a theme! Josh and I were one of the first people to arrive, so it was nice to get a moment with Bethenny before the madness…Where are all the other ladies? Bethenny sure knows how to throw a party.”

But the fun was of course tainted by Ramona’s relentless and awkward man-hunt. Kristen argues, “I really think she [Bethenny] needs to stop giving Ramona so much attention. Ramona wouldn’t know what to do with a guy if she ever did find the perfect one. She is all talk and no game. She flirts like a mad woman and then when it’s time to get down to it, she stays away from it all! Ramona just does not stop complaining! STOP! It’s not always about you! AHHHHH!”

As for Sonja’s contribution to the party, Kristen quips, “Tooth or no tooth, Sonja can have a good time!” Closing her blog with a special request for Lady Morgan, Kristen asks, “PS–Can someone please help her fix her tooth once and for all?! ANYONE? She needs a dental intern, that’s for sure!”


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