Bethenny Frankel Finds This Season of RHONY ‘Funny and Absurd’; Plus, Latest Book Sales Not Doing Well?

Bethenny Frankel book signing

Things got tense between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer on this week’s Real Housewives of New York, but Bethenny isn’t spending much time on their argument in her blog this week. Keeping things light, she continues to poke fun at the surreal state of being on reality TV, an experience she calls “beyond ridiculous and entertaining.”

Starting with the model casting that Sonja Morgan invited Bethenny and Heather Thomson to, Bethenny writes, “The model casting scene was possibly one of my favorites all season. I really appreciate the women on the show so much, and Heather was downright hilarious when her ‘pits started sweating.’ She was trying to be so positive and supportive, but you could tell she has experience and had never heard of this fashion plan before.” 


Bethenny does throw some shade Sonja’s way for being late to her own meeting, however. “You also gotta love when the person running the meeting is 20 minutes late. This is why real actors hate reality stars–because you can’t write this sh–, and it is beyond ridiculous and entertaining.” I don’t know “running late” is the primary reason actors hate reality stars, but I’m sure it’s on the very long list of reasons somewhere. 

Speaking of paid actors, Bethenny snarks, “That cast of characters in that random conference room was hilarious. It’s like some secret retail society that no one is cool enough to know about or understand.” 

Moving on to Sonja’s fashion show, where Bethenny took the (much anticipated) opportunity to rip into Ramona, Bethenny quips, “Well, evidently I do my best work at fashion shows. Years ago I called Luann [de Lesseps] a snake, and this time I called Ramona out for calling me a cheater during a relationship 20 years ago.”

Though we didn’t see Ramona giving this “cheater” information to Heather on camera, apparently Bethenny got wind of it and was ready to tackle The Apologizer head-on. For now, Bethenny simply shares, “It’s kind of ironic when a dress thief tells you you’re a cheater. So that was fun. There will be more on this.”

As for the future of Bethenny and Ramona’s friendship, it may turn into a Mad Max/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest scenario. She jokes, “I keep telling Ramona that we’re gonna do a spinoff in which I have the unenviable choice and decision of whether to kill her or commit her.”

Closing her blog with support for Sonja, Bethenny remarks, “I loved the fashion show. It was entertaining, and I was proud of Sonja.”  She adds, “Is it me or is this show so funny and absurd this season?”

In other news, rumors are surfacing that Bethenny’s latest book I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To is not doing too well. Some sites report that the book has sold a paltry 6,000 copies since its April 2015 release. Although Bethenny hasn’t commented on social media or news forums yet, I wonder if she’ll get ahead of this story soon. She seems to own her failures (talk show, marriage) as well as her successes, for the most part. Stay tuned!


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/