Lisa Vanderpump Organizing March Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival; Talks LVP Sangria Success, Restaurants And More With Fox Business!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is taking on another big project.  Does she ever sleep? Mrs. Vanderfabulous sat down with Fox Business to talk about her restaurants, her product lines, her charity work, and the march she’s organizing in the hope of putting an end to the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.  She even shared what she hopes her headstone will say when she dies!

On her many, many businesses she dished  “The restaurants are kind of our bread and butter.  My husband and I have had now 26 in total.  We’ve got three in Los Angeles so they kind of keep everything rolling.” 

She then shares that her sangria has been a smash hit (it’s also now being sold at the Caesar’s properties in Vegas – see below!)  Lisa explained, “We just started this LVP Sangria, which has done really well. It was actually my idea, my recipe, my concept.  My daughter and her husband said ‘we want to take it to the market’ and I said ‘oh god no, it’s going to be too complicated.’  It’s such a lot of work to get alcohol out there.  But it’s done phenomenally well.  It’s in 33 states and many countries around the world, so I never see my daughter anymore and they’ve done really well with it.” 

On her work with animals and animal charities, “Vanderpump Pets is my passion right now. I am dog obsessed. I have seven dogs and a lot of what we’re doing is working with dog charities. My main priority this year – let it be on my bloody epitaph when I die – I’m going to be instrumental in stopping the barbaric torture against the poor dogs in the Yulin Dog Meat Festival every year in China. We’re organizing a march on October 4th in L.A. ”  Lisa continues, “let’s stop the torture not the pictures.”  She says her timeline is often covered with photos about it, but we says we really do need to address that.  “As a judge for the Hero Dog Awards.  I don’t just value them as pets, I see how incredible they are as animals and how they are the conduit for people with post traumatic stress syndrome.”   They discuss  the good that dogs can do for humans.  So naturally Lisa feels compelled to help them in return. 

Lisa’s asked what she thinks about the state of the U.S. economy, saying there seem to be two branches to it right now – those who are doing extremely well and those who are struggling.  “I do see that and that’s why it’s important to give back as well and to be involved in as many charities as possible, so I really try to do that.”  She says you can get a good reading on how the country is doing, especially being in the restaurant business.   She says when the big recession happened a few years they saw a decline in business.  She thinks things are definitely better right now and people are spending more money again.  Lisa reiterates how good the restaurants are doing but that it’s a lot of hard work.   “Now I’m at a time in my life where I’m on two reality shows and I also produce Vanderpump Rules.”  They  then banter about her watch.  You can watch the full interview on Fox Business.

After the interview aired, she Tweeted, “The next two months I will post pictures and urge you to RT as we stand together in the fight to end this torture of our furry friends.”


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Lisa shared on Instagram about her sangria’s success, “Thrilled to announce that @LVPsangria is now available poolside at all Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas!! @caesarspalace @phvegas @parisvegas @cromwellvegas @riovegas @flamingovegas @thelinq @ballysvegas @harrahsvegas.”

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“I take my board meetings with vanderpump pets very seriously.”



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