Basketball Wives LA Recap: Breaking Glass? Whooping —!

bbwla fight

And so begins the downfall of Draya Michele. Last night’s Basketball Wives LA centered on a girls’ trip helmed by Brandi Maxiell to Santa Barbara. Why, after so, so, so many times of going on these mini-vacays, a knock-down-drag-out fight ensuing, and the inevitable dread that comes from rehashing said trip at the reunion, do these women think this time will be different? Jackie Christie is stirring the pot as fast as she can, and even the girls who vowed to dislike her forever believe every word that comes out of her exaggerating mouth. It’s comedy gold.

In an effort to bring Angel Brinks into the mix, Draya has invited her to come along as someone who can save her from her friends’ drama. Angel is like a mini-Kardashian, and Draya wants to give her the low down on the ladies with whom they will be traveling. She shares that Shaunie O’Neal isn’t keen on strangers infiltrating their group even though Shaunie herself is considered a newbie according to Draya. Next, Draya mean girls Mehgan James. Angel can’t wait for the weekend!


Most of the women arrive in Santa Barbara and Brandi is looking so stylish. Jackie admits that she feels insecure around these beautiful women in an effort to get compliments from the group, which start flowing like the cognac. She dishes on sex before telling the women that she’s met Angel who Draya described as her only real friend. Malaysia Pargo takes major offense to hearing this news even though she should remember from the past how Jackie likes to pit the women against one another. When they arrive at the house, a wasted Jackie is getting on Brandi’s last nerve and Mehgan is whining about not getting the nicest room. Her mouthiness gets her stuck sharing a room with Jackie.

bbwla ladies

When Draya and Angel enter, the tension is palpable. Angel feels the iciness, and Malaysia storms outside. Jackie follows to fill her ears with more nonsense about Draya not being her real friend. Malaysia admits that Draya didn’t call her after the death of her brother or the news of her divorce. Patrice Curry fills in Draya on Jackie’s “we’re not her real friends” bandwagon, and Draya heads outside to interrupt. Jackie can’t believe Draya is trying to make this all about her. Um, didn’t Jackie make it all about Draya? Malaysia is clearly offended, but when Jackie starts touting herself as the group, she’s digging her own grave. Brandi realizes that Jackie may not have twisted Draya’s words, but she certainly tried to make them a much bigger deal than Draya even intended. 

Brandi calls a meeting with Malaysia and Draya while Mehgan and Angel take little digs at one another. Mehgan then tries to bond with Patrice by admitting that she had an abortion when she was younger. Outside, Draya is upset that Jackie has been able manipulate Malaysia, but Malaysia reminds her that she has to give the support to her friends that she receives from them. Draya apologizes for any misunderstanding…it’s just that she’s an only child and she doesn’t know what to say sometimes in sad situations…so she says nothing. Brandi can’t believe her excuse, but she bites her tongue. Inside Jackie is screaming at Mehgan for not wanting to hang out with her. Mehgan seems to be realizing that she may have picked the wrong lady to bring her into this clique. When Draya comes to see what all the yelling is about, Jackie screeches for her to get out of her room. Poor Patrice. She didn’t sign up for this. 

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The women have decided to turn their fighting into a slumber party complete with twerking and a game of questions (courtesy of Angel) that is definitely going to ignite a bitchfest. The first question is who from the group would you send to heaven and banish to hell. Jackie is making everyone’s list for the hot spot. The next question is what two things would you change about yourself, and Draya desires a better relationship with God and the ability to feel empathy. Mehgan finds her answer to be fake and starts ranting about the people who took issue with her friendship with Jackie. Malaysia interrupts, reminding Mehgan that she’s the one that came to them, not the other way around. Brandi calls her a liar and Mehgan busts a glass on the coffee table as she comes for the hostess. Malaysia jumps between the pair as security comes running. 

bbwla fight 2

Draya tries to intervene, but Malaysia has it under control. Brandi pushes her and Jackie ends up with busted lip. Mehgan is peeved that Jackie didn’t have her back…she was all the way across the room when Mehgan went for Brandi. Jackie claims she was dragged away from the other women, and she encourages Mehgan they should go finish what they started. As Jackie gets more and more heated, Meghan ignores her and bandages her hand. Draya, Angel, and Patrice go check on the women, and Jackie is upset about her busted lip. She puts a band-aid in her mouth, making it impossible not to laugh when she tries to talk. At least we got a Nostrils reprieve! 


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