Bethenny Frankel Thanks Real Housewives Of New York Co-Stars And Fans For Welcoming Her Back With Open Arms


I can’t believe I’m about to admit any of this, but here it goes. Because Bethenny Frankel has always been such a polarizing force in Bravoland, I’ve always tiptoed around her in my posts, claiming I was lukewarm, citing I had no real opinion of her one way or another. I neither loved her nor loathed her, and I was lying. Please accept my sincere apology. You see, when I had to recap Bethenny Ever After and write on that custody case a hundred times, she grated on my last nerve. Just thinking about the sound of her voice gave me a headache. I purposely didn’t try anything SkinnyGirl just to spite her (I’m sure she felt the sting!). I just pretended to be neutral, but the truth is, I didn’t like her (as much as you can dislike a stranger).

When she was added to this season’s Real Housewives of New York line-up, I rolled my eyes so far back in my head, it’s a wonder they didn’t get stuck. My friends and I would chat after each episode…is she going to keep being so defensive and rude and loud and then turn around and start crying? Who talks to others like that? What’s her deal? And then something happened. Maybe it was her friendship with Carole Radziwell. Maybe it was because she chilled out a little. Maybe it was her innate ability to go off on Ramona Singer and have everything be fine ten minutes later. I can’t pinpoint when or what, but Bethenny grew on me. Dare I say I enjoyed her the second half of the season?


After quite a ride, the season closed with the requisite amount of bitching and sequins. I can’t wait for the reunion. THREE PARTS! Bethenny took to her blog to snark (snark I appreciate now!), “Well, all good things must come to an end, and this season of RHONY is no exception. Maybe it was my divorce or the lobotomy I must have had, but I had a great time. It was a great ride. A good ride is scary and fun and unexpected.”

Bethenny continues, “I was able to laugh at these whack jobs and at myself. I’m grateful to the fans and my fellow Housewives for welcoming me back with open arms.  I am so in love with and obsessed with my new apartment, and if I come back, I’m excited to spend more time there with you and the girls.”

Of Ramona‘s ridiculousness, Bethenny jokes, “The New Beginnings party should have been called the new bag of bullsh– party, but what would we do without Ramona’s insincere apologies and habitual horrendous behavior? She has a gift for pissing people off and being forgiven, which is more than I can say for her gift of speech giving. We’re all nuts and that night really just crystallized it. What can I say? If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! Watch what happens!”

Short and to the point…much like Bethenny herself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some SkinnyGirl wine I need to buy…


[Photo Credit: Instagram]