Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Lizzie Rovsek Defends Shannon Beador’s “Pot-Stirrer” Comment About Tamra Judge


Remember that time the ladies of the OC went on vacation together and it actually ended on a positive? Of course you do…it was this week’s installment! Sure there was drama when the Real Housewives of Orange County invaded Mo’orea, but it didn’t end with a screeching Tamra Judge promising never to return. Hasty words, I guess. Despite the constant tension between Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds (or Meghan KING Edmonds, as Shannon calls her…like she’s disciplining a child who has done something bad enough to warrant the dreaded three names), their last supper ended with laughter instead of screaming. 

The women had some fun along the way, as well, with Heather Dubrow leading the charge to ignore comfort zones and keep things light. Lizzie Rovsek hasn’t quite recovered from the insanity of last year’s girls’ trip, so she tried to stay in the background and out of the squabbles. She keeps a surprisingly level head when rehashing Sunday’s show.


In her blog, Lizzie balances the fun experiences with the pot stirring intentions. She begins, “[This week’s] episode starts off with scuba diving. Wow, what a crazy experience! If you have never walked on the ocean floor I think you should try it, it’s really amazing. The first thing I saw when I went under water was Heather’s big smile, and she made me feel totally safe. She went in first and didn’t seem scared at all, so I took her lead and we had a pretty cool under the sea adventure.”

Lizzie recalls, “On our last night in Mo’orea we had a beautiful dinner on the beach with these incredible fire dancers. It was almost a perfect night, but of course all hell had to break loose. Luckily, I wasn’t involved in any of the drama that transpired. Last year’s trip to Bali ended horribly and I felt very burned from last year. My plan tonight is to stay out of the drama as much as possible and hopefully try and keep the peace.”

Discussing the mini-truce that that occurred between Shannon and Meghan for all of 10 seconds while half of the women were holed up in the ladies’ room, Lizzie rationalizes, “I think Shannon’s comment about Tamra being a ‘pot-stirrer’ was taken completely out of context. The truth is Tamra was the source of a lot of conflict last year,” adding, “As far as I can say, Tamra is a new person this year. It did stir things up a little bit that Tamra shared with Meghan what the women were talking about the night before.”

She continues, “I understand Meghan wanted to stand up for Tamra and I understand she wasn’t with us last year so she can’t really understand what Shannon was referring to,” explaining, “I was a little on edge this trip just in the aftermath from last year and I can see how Shannon could have been too. I honestly think Shannon was trying to give Meghan advice on how ‘pot stirring’ works in this group. It obviously didn’t register because as soon as dinner was over Meghan ran to Tamra and here we go stirring it up even more! On a positive note everything that was in that pot was set out on the table in one way or the other and dealt with.”

Concluding, Lizzie imparts probably the best advice when it comes to the OG of GCs, Vicki Gunvalson. She writes, “Note to self, don’t ride in the back of Vicki’s golf cart! Vicki was literally driving the fun bus, golf cart style and I’m surprised I made it back to the room in one piece! Between Tamra almost running me over and Vicki flying off the beaten path I’m just happy I’m alive! Our last night in Tahiti ended on a good note. It was a night of apologies, laughs, and forgiveness. All in all this was a great trip. We had a lot of fun in a beautiful place and of course our fair share of drama. But heck, when you have a group of girls together for a whole week there is bound to be some troubled waters. Have a great week!”

Y’all may not feel the same, but being a friend of the housewives is really working out in Lizzie’s favor this season!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]