Vicki Gunvalson Wants Meghan Edmonds Fired

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Like many Real Housewives of Orange County viewers, the OG of the OC is totally over Meghan EdmondsVicki Gunvalson shared in a set of Tweets this week that she is out for blood, wanting Meghan fired.  She also addresses the accusations that Brooks Ayers is faking cancer.

Vicki doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media, but she took a few moments to address questions and comments from followers this week.  When a show fan asked Vicki how she could be with Brooks “knowing” that he’s faking cancer, Vicki lashed back.  “HE is NOT faking cancer….it’s a fake story that the girls made up. I have lost 3 friends to cancer and my Aunt. It’s a TV show.” 

Another fan jumped in to defend Brooks and Vicki, saying that it was Meghan who said Brooks was faking it.  Vicki replied, saying that she hopes Meghan is a one-season cast member. “They went to a “PSYCHIC”….are you going to believe a psychic or a Doctor when you get diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time.”  Adding, “She’s trying to stay relevant on the show – and if I have anything to do with it she will be fired after this season. He’s sick!” 

This afternoon Vicki must’ve been scrolling through her mentions feed and found this weeks-old Tweet and felt the need to address it.  The follower slammed her for being jealous of her new co-star.  “Its sad to see @vgunvalson so jealous and bitter towards @MeghanKEdmonds. And even more sad to see Vicki treat her so bad!” Vicki denies it, “@terrygilbert31   Woah!  Not jealous of her at ALL!  Trying to make sense of what she is doing is more appropriate.”

I know Meghan hasn’t exactly come out of the gate as a fan favorite this season, but do you want to see her go? Or should she have another shot next season?  What about Brooks‘ cancer?  Do you think the ladies are right to question if he’s faking?

Photo Credit: Bravo TV