Well, last night’s Little Women: LA picked up right where we left off. In the tornado of Tonya Banks and Jasmine Sorge. Last week, Jasmine stormed out of a party after surviving multiple confrontations with Tonya, all stemming from some trite slight (or perceived slight) that Tonya’s hanging on to from a year ago. As Jasmine tries to flee the scene, Tonya “touches” her head after Jasmine put her hand in Tonya’s face. As far as Jasmine is concerned, Tonya is trash. As far as Tonya is concerned, Jasmine is a sh*t stirrer. They vow to never be friends. (Pinky swear.)

The next day Briana Manson and Tonya meet for lunch to debrief. Since Jasmine is the only friend she has left who accepts her relationship with Matt, she wants to keep the peace. In order to do that, Tonya claims Jasmine needs to apologize or she’s “gonna snatch that wig off her head.” Because Tonya is all class, all the time. At her home, Jasmine cries to her husband about Tonya’s ratchet behavior. She expects more of little people, and just wants to get along with the group. She’s not ready to be around Tonya, but will have to face the music at Christy McGinty and Todd’s upcoming anniversary party.   


Prepping for battle, Tonya is working out by playing a little paddle tennis with her boyfriend of 6 months, Jaa. Things are going smoothly for now, but when they take a break from tennis to chat, trouble starts to bubble up. Tonya says her daughter Angelique’s dad is coming to her graduation party, but he doesn’t want to meet Jaa – or anyone who Tonya dates. She confesses that he’s still got feelings for her, but she has to respect his choices. “This is some bullsh*t,” says Jaa when Tonya informs him that he won’t be invited to the party.

At Elena Gant and Preston’s house, they discuss the issues that arose at Brittney Guzman’s barbecue. Brittney accused Elena of dating her father, David, while she was newly married to Preston. Elena denies that it was anything more than friendship between them, but she confesses David may have had feelings for her. Hmm. This is not the end of this conversation, I presume.

It’s the day of Christy and Todd’s 1-year wedding anniversary, but Christy is stressed out about the IVF treatments they’re undergoing. Christy’s mother overhears her discussing the IVF hot topic with Briana and is curious (and angry?), but Christy doesn’t want to let her mom in on the deets until the next day. Jasmine shows up next in head to to Kevlar because she doesn’t want to let Tonya intimidate her into skipping parties. But alas! Christy didn’t even invite Tonya, so Jasmine can put away that pepper spray. For now. Elena takes up Tonya’s torch by defending her to Jasmine, but all I have to ask is: WHY is Elena fighting everyone else’s fights this season? Is she that thirsty for a bigger storyline? 

After a little anniversary speech, Christy, Briana, Elena, and Christy’s mom sit down for a chat. Talk quickly turns to Christy trying to get pregnant, which her mom is totally against. “She hated being a little person. Hated it,” her mother says. “So why have another one?” Wow. That is cold, considering Christy has two healthy little children already. Oh my goodness! We actually see a quick shot of Christy’s daughter, Autumn, and she is BEAUTIFUL. Have we ever seen Christy’s kids in the past 3 seasons? I don’t think so. Her mother continues with her obnoxiously offensive remarks, saying, “You did have two beautiful children, but they both hated being a dwarf!” I have no words for this woman. Christy just says she loves her, but she and Todd are doing IVF and choosing an average sized baby. “How are you going to carry it around when it’s three!?” she barks. Elena is rightly shocked hearing the nastiness that’s coming out of Christy’s mother’s mouth. But mom just quips that her opinion is her opinion. Yeah, and she can keep it to herself.

Elena is still pursuing her makeup dreams, so she’s trying to show Linda from the makeup company what she’s got. At Linda’s makeup showroom (is this a legit store?), Elena helps customers out as best she can despite her difficulties in reaching certain items. Linda is impressed with how Elena pushes through adversity and pledges to work with her on her makeup line going forward. (Hear that, Preston? It’s the sound of the “For Sale” sign being hammered into your front yard once you lose the house chasing this girl’s whims.)

At Christy’s house, she’s trying to convince her mom about her wish to have a child. But her mom is standing firm, throwing every roadblock at Christy’s plan she can, including Christy’s weight and age. Man, with mom’s like this, who needs enemies? Or Tonyas? Christy tries to explain the healthy probability that IVF offers, but she gets nowhere with her mother. Admittedly, her mother does have some valid points, but her delivery is just gawd-awful. Christy does have some hesitation about moving forward with IVF now though. 

At Tonya’s house, Jaa is waiting with balloons and flowers for Angelique’s graduation party, which they’re heading off to soon (without Jaa). Aww. Tonya admits she wished she’d handled things differently and will have to work things out with her baby daddy, Kerwin, because she wants to make Jaa a priority in her life.

Terra shows up at Angelique’s graduation party ready for a fight, but Tonya and Kerwin keep the focus on their daughter, who is the first to graduate college in her family. After a tender speech, the drama circles back to Terra as she spills the news that Christy didn’t invite Tonya to her anniversary party. Christy defends that she told Jasmine about the party first and, after Jasmine’s argument with Tonya, Christy didn’t want to see them in the same room together. Tonya claims she’s going to let this one slide, but she won’t be forgetting this treatment. 

Not skipping a beat, Terra takes Elena aside to tell her about Brittney’s claim that Elena was unfaithful to Preston. Although Brittney’s dad, David, did hit on her, Elena says nothing ever happened between them. “I don’t know. I gotta talk to her about all that,” says Elena lamely. It’s interesting to note how NOT worked up Elena is getting about this rumor, considering how heated she’s been over everyone else’s issues (that have nothing to do with her) all season. Something smells fishy here. 


Speaking of fishy, Brittney is sitting in the corner of the grad party smirking the smirk of a sh*t stirrer, so Elena walks over to ask her for a private conversation. When Elena confronts her, Brittney denies everything, instead blaming all of the mess on Terra. Ooh boy. Brittney’s in it now! They call Terra over to “clear things up” and of course the conversation escalates to Level 10 immediately. Terra calls Brittney out on her blatant lying, but Brittney just evades and mumbles that she never said they “dated,” she just said they “hung out.” Elena doesn’t know who to believe. She just wants the rumor to stop. 

“Damn, can’t these gals act civilized for, like a couple hours?” asks Tonya. Oof. When Tonya is posing this question, you know things have gone left. 


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