Kara Keough Is Pregnant And Expecting A Baby Girl!

Kara Keough & husband Kyle Bosworth

Kara Keough and her husband Kyle Bosworth are about to be first-time parents! 

Kara, who spent her adolescence on Real Housewives Of Orange County thanks to her mom Jeana Keough, retired from reality TV to attend UCLA and settle into a fame-free life. She married her NFL linebacker husband Kyle in 2014 and now works as a Marketing Manager. 

Kyle and Kara announced they are expecting via instagram in an adorable video (which is below) and confirmed they are having a baby girl by sharing photos of baby-sized UCLA Bruins cheerleading gear and some hot pink Converse sneakers. 


Kara Keough Baby Bump

Kara’s baby bump! [Photo Credit: Instagram]

“We’re so excited about Baby Girl Boz and we can’t wait to be parents,” Kara and Kyle gushed. Kara confirmed her mom Jeana, who will become a first-time grandmother, is beyond thrilled. “Grandma Jeana already has a nursery set up in her house—this is going to be one spoiled baby!”

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 3.33.22 PM

It’s too bad Jeana no longer lives next door to Vicki, they could bond over being grandmas! 

Kara also shared that she’s craving “Pasteurized Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives. I would cut a bitch for them,” she joked. 

Kara Keough Baby Girl“Needless to say, she’s already so spoiled. Thanks for loving on #BabyBoz, @mammavic & @tnsracing!! Cutest ever!” shared Kara. [Instagram]

Kara told E! News her due date is February 3rd, which is perfect timing since their anniversary is February 8th. Congratulations Kyle and Kara. Photos of a pregnant (and adorable) Kara are below. 

Kara Keough pregnant - expecting a baby girl“Baby Bruin Boz!!” announced Kara’s husband Kyle. [Instagram]


Below, Kara tells Kyle she’s knocked up! His reaction is priceless!


Wait. Wait until you find a partner that will react like this. #BabyBoz #BabyDaddy

A video posted by Kara Bosworth (@karakeoughboz) on

Kara and Kyle’s engagement, wedding, and baby story.

We is Home: The Story of Kara Keough & Kyle Bosworth from Lightfield Lewis on Vimeo.

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