Meghan King Edmonds: “Cancer Is Serious Business!”

Meghan King Edmonds reacts to Tamra's psychic

Meghan King Edmonds has found herself in the middle of all kinds of drama on her first (and hopefully last) season on the Real Housewives of Orange County. In her blog, she bellyached about hard it’s been to raise a 17 year old for, like, the past five months and addressed her part in the drama surrounding Brooks Ayers‘ Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Meghan, the nanny with benefits, said she considered Jim‘s parenting advice. CONSIDERED. But, as we all know, she is never wrong about anything and has made it her life’s mission to fix the mistakes Jim and LeAnn made with Hayley.

“At lunch with Jimmy was the first time that I actually started to consider what he was saying about backing off of Hayley as a parent and just being there for her as a friend,” admitted Meghan. “I am not sure what to do, but I know that what’s been going on isn’t working. It’s hard for Jimmy because he has been in St. Louis for a large part of Hayley’s childhood in California and he’s frustrated when she doesn’t respect me and my rules. But he also understands that he can’t just jump into Hayley’s life full time and expect her to conform to his ways. We are at a crossroads with a 17-year-old.”


Meghan went on to say that watching David and Shannon Beador discipline their daughters brought back memories from last week. Because she, too, has the maturity of a 10 year old was a stubborn child.

“I am Stella, my mom is Shannon, and my dad is David,” said Meghan. “I had a consequence/punishment for everything under the sun, my mom was ‘no fun’ in my opinion, my dad made things into jokes, and I was too stubborn for my own good. Now if only I had an Adeline as a side-kick! I can see Jimmy and me having some form of this conversation down the road which is totally backwards considering we’re having 17-year-old conversations now!”

Moving on to the drama surrounding Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers… brought to you by Tamra Judge. Oh yes, apparently the only thing Tamra has learned from The Bible for Dummies is how to get more creative when she stirs the pot. Enter… Tamra‘s very own Psychic Friends Network and desperate for attention (and predictable) Meghan.

“I was shocked to hear some of the things he had to say, especially regarding Brooks’ cancer,” Meghan said about Tamra‘s psychic friend Scott. “As far as telling Shannon at CUT Fitness, I think I had bad timing. I honestly forgot at the moment I told her that she was going to dinner with Vicki – because I did know – but I was caught up in the conversation of doubt and piling together our own experiences of half-truths regarding Brooks that I told her, ‘the psychic said Brooks doesn’t have cancer.’ Afterward I felt bad that Shannon had this weight of a statement she had to carry with her all night and not mention it.”

Meghan said Vicki texted her after that dinner – and brought up the cancer-in-question that Shannon never mentioned, “I honestly thought Shannon would tell Vicki that night because as we’ve all seen in the season thus far Shannon has no reason to be loyal to me. I was expecting Shannon to throw me under the bus (and she really didn’t, she said one thing and then Vicki attacked her), and I got a NASTY text message from Vicki after this dinner. And guess what, it was regarding cancer! How did Vicki know that? Shannon did NOT say a word about cancer.”

“Up until now I had no idea that skepticism had surrounded Brooks‘ cancer and treatments, but from watching the show I began to learn that the psychic wasn’t the first time the cancer situation had truly arisen. Going into meeting Vicki I was so relieved to know that I would have a friend and ally in the horrible cancer journey,” said Meghan, reminding us that she endured LeAnn‘s battle with cancer, “but instead our relationship has quickly deteriorated as she had shunned my questions regarding his cancer, responded to his cancer with vague statements and ‘it is his choice’ broken records, and deflected her own issues by attacking my relationships with my husband and stepdaughter.”

Meghan concluded, “Cancer is serious business!”


Photo Credit: Bravo