Heather Dubrow with Collette Champagne

While one former Housewife is downsizing, another is overtaking the OC with her spread of rare marble. Yes, it’s Jeana Keough vs. Heather Dubrow luxury mansion-off! 

Jeana, one of the original Real Housewives Of Orange County stars, resided in the exclusive gated community of Coto de Caza, which once dominated the show. Jeana has faithfully remained Vicki Gunvalson‘s next door neighbor, but recently she revealed that she’s renting out the mansion that was once so prominently a part of RHOC! “I’ve decided to lease the house and see where this new adventure takes me!” the excited former reality star gushes. 


With all three of her kids adults and out of the house, Jeana, a realtor, admits that empty nest syndrome made her realize she just doesn’t need all this space! “The 8,000 square feet of living space with eight bedrooms are mostly empty these days,” she confesses to Fox News

But that’s not the only reason Jeana is moving out – she’s got a new man and it’s time for a new residence without all those old memories of her ex-hubby Matt! “I have fallen in love with someone and decided to move in with him. He lives in a beautiful remodeled place on Lake Mission Viejo.” For $18,000 a month you can be neighbors with Vicki… c’mon, you know you’re tempted… (as an added bonus Brooks would be your neighbor too!)

Also moving up is Heather, who has plans for expansion of the 22,000 square foot kind! Heather is sparing no expense – or detail. Instead of her old home’s boring entryway with the HD insignia, her new abode features, of all things, a champagne doorbell! “You know those little, it looks like a doorbell and it says ‘Press for Champagne’? I’m putting that in the house, but it actually rings in the kitchen.” Like Heather spends any time in there…

Terry asked, ‘Is that like my cue?’ YES!” Heather joked to Yahoo’s The Insider. “I still have to think about what the actual ring will sound like…” 

Tamra teased that Heather isn’t stopping with a champagne buzzer (which is so right out of the Great Gatsby)! “She has a faucet in her new house, and champagne comes out,” quipped Tamra. “That’s what she brushes her teeth with.” COLLETTE – on tap!? Isn’t that a little… gauche?

Champs galore isn’t Heather’s only extreme extravagance. “For my birthday this year I got this wire Chanel shopping basket. I’m gonna put it in the kitchen and put baguettes in it. It’s so cute!” I want Heather’s life. *sobbing silently into my Whole Foods reusable grocery bag* “It’s the most ridiculous thing ever – I know! – I love it.” 

Heather’s home will also feature a salon, a gym, and an outdoor courtyard “in the basement.” Is Heather going to be able to find Terry – or her kids? She probably planned it that way. Push for champs! 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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