Below Deck Recap: Maiden Voyage

below deck foam party

Drama, exciting and new…come aboard, we’re expecting you! Where y’all as excited as I was for the season premiere of Below Deck? Those Captain Lee, Stud of the Sea ads on Bravo have been quite a tease. Thankfully, our wait is over. Bring on crystal blue water, Captain Lee lectures, millionaire antics, and sunny insanity! 

Before we get into the recap let’s meet the crew, shall we? Returning this season are a few fan favorites. Adorable bosun Eddie Lucas is back, as is Kate Chastain and her bitchy resting face. Kate’s least favorite stew Amy Johnson returns as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be the show without everyone’s favorite captain! Joining the group are some folks who are sure to bring the crazy. Raquel “Rocky” Dakota is a former competitive diver and surfer who went to culinary school in the hopes of being a yacht chef. Unfortunately, this summer she’s just second stew. She’s also likely to be in a 5150 hold at some point in the near future.



Emile Kotze is an adorable South African kid who looks like someone Sonja Morgan would date–the accent alone has me swooning. He’s excited to practice his charm on his female co-workers. Leon Walker is the new chef and, while he seems nice I’m not going to say much about him except Ben Robinson (speaking of swoon-worthy accents!) better hurry back. Connie Arias loves the camouflage, ‘Merica, beer, trucks, and nudity. No, she’s not a lesbian. I think she’s going to be my favorite newbie. Finally, Don Abenante rounds out the group as second engineer. He’s quick to mention that he is the second most important person on the boat. However, when Don works the deck he’s under Eddie’s watch. Don loves his body. And science. And the science of bodies…and engineering. Oh, Don.

The below deck gang is cruising the Bahamas this season on a yacht called the Eros. Kate is the first to arrive and isn’t keen on the notion of working with Amy again this summer. Little does she realize that Amy will likely be her saving grace. Captain Lee gathers his crew to go over the rules which are simple: work hard or get fired, everyone gets an equal share of the tip, and if you didn’t earn that equal share you’ll get a plane ticket home along with it. Easy enough to remember, right?

below deck rocky


The roommate situation is a bit odd but should make for some interesting hook-ups. Connie is bunking with Emile, who draws the line at hitting on his roommate…unless he’s drunk. Intoxication makes it totally okay. Eddie and Don are sharing a room, Rocky and Amy are in a cabin together, and Kate and Leon are and the only room for staff that doesn’t have a bunk bed set up. Awkward! Their charter guest this week is a real estate mogul name Steven Bradley who requests bottomless champagne (Heather Dubrow must be a friend), a white robe dinner party, and an on deck foam rave. Whatever floats your boat–literally!

Rocky has established herself as the girl who will flirt with anything that moves, and she’s starting to show a little bit of a crazy eye. She tells Kate she’d like to help in the kitchen whenever possible, but Kate reminds her of her primary duties…folding toilet paper into intricate patterns. Why is Rocky wearing a random bikini cover up that looks like it came straight off the rack at a Myrtle Beach Wings? As the guests gear up for jet skiing, Kate thinks she may have found her spirit animal, as Steven is participating while wearing a white dinner jacket. I’m not quite sure how this man is still standing given the amount of alcohol he’s already consumed.

below deck eddie kate


That night, it’s time for the white robe party. The guests are still hoping that the crew can conjure up Aerosmith as the band is rumored to be vacationing nearby. Eddie and Don bicker over who will get to use the crane to get the jet skis out of the water. Don maybe second engineer, but when he’s on deck he has to answer to Eddie. Kate feels like a mom who is constantly intervening in her children’s squabbles, but hey somebody’s got to do it! During dinner, a guest asks Kate if it would be possible to switch Steven’s vodka for water. At least one of his friends has some sense!

below deck emile rocky


Kate has somehow managed to get a foam machine on the yacht, and everyone is ready to rave. Unfortunately for for Steven, the wind is blowing so hard that not much foam stays on the boat. More foam, bosun!! At the end of the episode Rocky and Emile climb to the very top of the boat to take pictures of themselves twerking. This is not going to end well, not to mention it has to be incredibly dangerous! Captain Lee knows all…and he’s Alpha to a tee.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]