Kristen Taekman Forgiving Josh Taekman After His Ashley Madison Account Exposed; Ramona Singer Defends Kristen’s Marriage!

Kristen Taekman post Josh Taekman cheating scandal

Someone isn’t smart, even though she’s pretttttty! After Josh Taekman was caught with an Ashley Madison account, Kristen Taekman has apparently decided to forgive him and continue their 10-year marriage. 

Despite lurid details of Josh’s activity on the cheater website – including contacting numerous women – Kristen has accepted his apologies and promises that he’s never actually been unfaithful. “Kristen believes him,” insists a source close to the reality star. “They’re shrugging it off.”


The Real Housewives Of New York star has reportedly decided to accept that Josh’s so-called almost-infidelity is a thing of the past and she considers him a changed man. Kristen and Josh “are fine” describes the insider. 

“They honestly love each other,” explains the source. “She may hold this over his head for a while, but I believe she’ll stick with him. I just don’t see them separating.” Josh has also told friends that although he’s “embarrassed,” his behavior account was exposed, he and Kristen are going to make their marriage work. “He’s telling friends that in terms of the marriage, it’s a non-issue. They are not going to split over this.”

While RHONY was filming the couple threw a 60-person 10th anniversary vow renewal at Tavern on the Green in NYC, which was not featured on the show. “Kristen and Josh seemed very happy at the time,” an insider relayed. 

Kristen is also receiving support from her RHONY co-stars, despite their issues on the show “Everyone from the cast is handling it differently. Some of the women have held off on calling her because they want to respect Kristen’s privacy. Others have reached out,” the insider reports to E! News. “They all have summer homes and a few of the women have let Kristen know that if she needs a place to get away or clear her head, she’s welcome to come and stay. Kristen has thanked them for their support.”

One cast member absolutely offering support is Ramona Singer, who has recently divorced after discovering Mario’s infidelity. Ramona defends Josh’s behavior as a “silly” indiscretion and believes Kristen and Josh should do what it takes to salvage their marriage. 

“I don’t believe Josh has ever cheated on Kristen. I see them as a really loving couple,” Ramona informed Entertainment Tonight. “Every couple has problems — I don’t care who you are. And I think through the show they actually worked through a lot of their problems.” 

“I can believe that Josh did something really silly. I think Kristen will be okay,” declares Ramona. “You know what, she really is a strong woman — she’ll be okay. She knows I only wish her the best.”

Ramona also confirmed that Kristen and Josh held a vow renewal, which was filmed for this season of RHONY, an event to which Ramona was a guest. She describes the ceremony as romantic and said they appeared very much in love. “They cut the scene out, but they did the most gorgeous scene at Tavern on the Green, where they celebrated their wedding anniversary and she actually put on — and I get the chills — her wedding dress from when she was married to Josh,” Ramona dished.

“And you could see the love. He just looked at her with love,” added Ramona. “So, I believe they’re really in love and I believe he really is faithful to her.” Being that his is coming from Ramona, who was probably so in love with pinot during that ceremony, I’m not sure I trust her account. 

It’s interesting to hear Ramona be so supportive of Kristen, and it’s funny that this is what has brought these two together.

Kristen has thus-far remained silent on the subject of Josh’s behavior, save for a tweet thanking viewers for their support. Whatever the case, I think we all know this little incident has all but guaranteed Kristen’s contract renewal next season and I think part of holding it over Josh’s head means she’s going to force him to confront the issues on camera and prove he’s a changed man. 


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