New Details Of Josh Taekman’s Ashley Madison Account Exposed; Kristen Taekman Speaks Out!

Kristen & Josh Taekman

While Kristen Taekman has been posting a series of photos on her blog “Last Night’s Look” called the ‘Sex And The City Tour’, Josh Taekman has been running around Ashley Madison under the pseudonym “Mr_Big_NYC.” So we know what these two watch on Netflix! 

Earlier this week Josh was busted amid the slew of names associated with the Ashley Madison leak, which unearthed him as being a long-time account user who had spent $1500 on the cheater website. Josh allegedly paid for services on the website at least 62 separate times.

The Real Housewives Of New York star’s husband opened a profile under the name Mr_Big_NYC which described, “Looking to enjoy the finer things life has to offer… total respect for my situation and yours but looking for a beautiful sexy woman, who wants to be treated like a woman, engaged socially and intellectually and see where it goes from there….but no stress and no pressure… Looking for opportunity to wine and dine and have discreet experiences.” 


Josh initially denied his affiliation with Ashley Madison, claiming his credit card had been used fraudulently, but as the evidenced piled up he apologized and claimed he joined as a joke with some friends and had never had an affair. Of course, the internet is smarter than the Taekmans (but they’re pretttttty! – or at least Kristen is). 

The Daily Mail scoped out the ‘finer details’ of the 46-year-old entrepreneur’s profile, for which he chose the tagline “Let’s have fun.” Josh’s profile went on to detail that he has “no limits” to the type of woman he was looking for, except she must be a non-smoker. Gotta have priorities! Apparently while Kristen was busy with child care, she wasn’t as fun as she used to be. Even worse Josh used his own photo for the profile picture. Josh also shared 33 other uploaded photos with users he met through his account. 

Josh started using the account actively while Kristen was pregnant with their second child, Kingsley. He briefly ceased activity when Kingsley was an infant, resuming a couple months later. He was a “prolific” user of the site from May 2012 through June 2014. His user history demonstrates that Josh even logged in twice on Christmas Day in 2013! Josh’s many transactions represented payments he made to contact and send emails to other Ashley Madison users. 

The email address associated with Josh’s account is the same name used in his twitter profile. The address connected to the credit card used to pay for Josh’s many transactions is the same address of Josh and Kristen’s Tribeca apartment.  

Josh’s activity stopped completely around the time Kristen started appearing on RHONY and the bulk of her storyline was their marital problems, which mainly centered around his dismissive and obnoxious treatment of her. While Josh blamed his attitude on work stress, perhaps he was just David Beadoring it behind-the-scenes. 

Josh was furious about his portrayal on RHONY after their first season and issued several remonstrations of the the editing process, insisting he’s not a “douche.” As a result he refused to film for most of this season, thus cutting Kristen’s storyline down to scraps. Josh claimed the negative depiction from RHONY was harming his business, EBOOST, which has been lauded by several celebrities such as Oprah, Kelly Ripa, and Jillian Michaels and is sold at stores such as Target. 

“There was a lot of added strain in the marriage after the season aired so Kristen agreed not to allow cameras as much access to them as a couple,” a source explained of why Josh disappeared this season. 

Despite their marital problems, Kristen claimed RHONY allowed her and Josh to really learn about their relationship. They renewed their vows last summer and it was rumored to have been filmed for RHONY but abandoned when producers and Bravo refused to concede to Josh’s image demands. 

You can see the full history of Josh’s Ashley Madison transactions over at The Daily Mail. 

Kristen and Josh spent the bulk of their summer vacationing in the Hamptons. However, Kristen is currently in LA. Yesterday she was spotted running errands while still wearing her wedding ring. According to E! News Kristen is “embarrassed” by Josh’s actions and also completely shocked. “They have had their problems in the past but worked hard on them. This could be the final straw and the end of their marriage.”

Kristen tweeted yesterday thanking everyone for their support. She also posted a photo of her ‘walking away’ on Instagram which featured the same caption. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.32.34 PM

Alright, Kristen, time for divorce. It’ll definitely secure a spot on RHONY next season. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]