Little Women: LA Recap: Love and War


On last night’s Little Women: LA, the group tried to mend fences. But this group of women needs more than a night of toasting marshmallows by the fire to snuff out the ratchet behavior of Tonya Banks and the ultimate pot-stirring that newbie Brittney Guzman is bringing to the this season’s fire pit. 

We begin at the batting cages where Brittney is on a date with an old friend, Jordan, she used to date four years or so ago. She’s just been through a bad breakup, so wants to get back on the horse. Her ex-boyfriend Max cheated on her while she was on tour with Miley Cyrus. Since Jordan has been recently cheated on too, Brittney wonders if they’d be a good match. They confess they’ve missed each other, but Brittney plays it coy about seeing him again.


Out to lunch are Terra Jole and Tonya, who are discussing Tonya’s sex life with Jaa. Ick. Tonya says she and Jaa are taking things slowly, but she’s starting to fall for him. They rehash Brittney spreading rumors about Elena Gant having an affair with her father David, and Terra’s now angry that Brittney is denying her original trash talk (which makes Terra look like a liar). Terra asks Tonya if she’s ready to make amends with Jasmine Sorge, who has been Tonya’s #1 target since she came on the scene. “Why don’t we have a party, you and I?” asks Terra, as a way of getting the group together to bond. Tonya doesn’t seem ready to accept Jasmine’s presence on planet earth, let alone at a beach party. 

Guess who’s coming to dinner? For LIFE? Matt! He’s in LA moving into Briana’s home, so this deal is getting real, folks. Briana tells him that her parents want nothing to do with it (read: him), so they’re not speaking right now. She also admits that neither her parents nor her friends know that Matt is moving in – at least this soon. Briana is going to surprise her friends at Terra’s party with the “big” news. Well, well. This party is shaping up to be a real sh*t show, isn’t it? 

The next day, Briana meets Christy McGinty out for pedicures. Once they manage to find a way to sit on the side of the foot baths so their toes can reach (I love how they are not intimidated by any situation, seriously!), Christy pokes around for info about Matt. “He’s moved in with me,” Briana flatly says, ready for a fight. But Christy just silently side-eyes the heck out of her, and asks how Briana’s parents feel. Briana claims she doesn’t care if her parents ever warm up to Matt. Be careful there, girl. We need our mamas when the guy goes left. Especially if that guy is living with us, AND he has a record of domestic battery trailing him like a stinking turd (which Matt does). Speaking of parents, Christy talks about her mom’s opinion that she shouldn’t pursue IVF. Despite her mother’s crass delivery, Christy has taken her words to heart. What used to sound like a great idea is not sounding like the “miracle” it once did. The emotional and financial costs of IVF are seeming too high now. Briana encourages Christy to tell Todd how she feels, but she’s scared she will lose him if she can’t give him a child. 

Across town, Jasmine is meeting Elena out for some retail therapy. They’re bikini shopping even though Jasmine isn’t sure that she wants to go to Terra and Tonya’s bonfire. They discuss pregnancy, since Jasmine’s got a 2-year old, and Elena expresses concern about getting pregnant. She’s not sure if she’s physically or emotionally ready to take this step. Jasmine consoles her, sharing that she’s struggled in her own marriage – at least financially – but she and her husband made it work. Even though Tonya doesn’t like Jasmine, Elena wants to give her a chance because she seems like a genuine person. She encourages Jasmine to say “I’m sorry” to make peace with the group, but Jasmine isn’t ready to take the first step.

At the fertility clinic, Christy and Todd are at another IVF appointment. Since Todd had a baby with his ex-wife who had the fatal condition of double dominancy, which is common in little people conceptions, Christy is pursuing IVF to avoid complications. In the follow up with their doctor, Christy admits her doubts about the process. “Am I doing all of this for nothing?” she asks. The doctor says they can do basic insemination, which does not allow for genetic testing, so they’d have to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy if it turns out the fetus has double dominancy. Christy and Todd are not sure right now which way they want to go. Todd feels like he doesn’t have a voice because it seems like Christy has flipped the script on him now. Although she wants to find the healthiest option, she also knows that all of this genetic testing and IVF might well be for naught in the end. A frustrated Todd basically says that Christy has the final say, so he’s resigned to her decision. She cries and, in the end, will likely get her way. 

At Tonya’s house, she’s cooking dinner for Jaa to make up for the fact that she didn’t invite him to her daughter’s graduation party due to her ex’s feelings. Even though she and Jaa haven’t traded “I love you’s” yet, Tonya feels like the relationship is progressing toward…cohabitation. How romantic. She tells Jaa she wants to speed things up, but he’s hesitant because of her acting “reckless and crazy.” What! Jaa actually sees the real Tonya Banks, aka Little Boss!? I did not see that coming. “Am I just a wham, bam, thank you, ma’am? Or am I marriage material?” presses Tonya. Jaa says he’s not even thinking about marriage. “I guess you answered the question,” a humiliated Tonya mutters. Boom.  

Out strawberry picking, Christy and Todd continue their ENDLESS discussion on IVF. After weighing the pros and cons of IVF with genetic testing or basic insemination, they decide to face the risks and ditch the expensive testing. Although they’re rolling the genetic dice, if it doesn’t work out, they’ll still have money and savings left over to pursue adoption. They seal the decision with a kiss and promise to never, ever talk about it again. Just kidding! I wish


It’s the day of Terra and Tonya’s bonfire. As they set up, Tonya declares “No drama today!” which is, in a word, hilarious. Elena and Preston arrive, and Elena tells the ladies she can’t figure out if – or why – Brittney’s lying about insinuating she cheated on Preston. Christy and Todd arrive, followed by Brittney and Jordan, who she’s been seeing every day since their first date. Surprise, surprise: Jasmine waltzes in next with her hubby, followed by Briana and Matt. Tonya quips that neither Jasmine nor Matt deserve a hug or a hi from her, and Terra is also not ready for Matt to worm his way into the group just yet. Let the fireworks begin!

Brittney dishes about her new man and the ladies are getting along well while they toast up their wieners. Not one to let a good moment last too long, Tonya says they as a group need to air their dirty laundry because “there’s a couple of elephants on the beach here” and she and Terra decided to “be the bigger people” in getting the group together. #smoothopener Elena pipes up first, asking Brittney about the truth behind her accusations about dating her dad. Brittney backtracks, saying she never said Elena slept with her dad. Terra jumps in clarifying that Brittney did insinuate it by saying Elena “dated” him. Brittney and Terra get into it, with Terra out-screeching Brittney. But Brittney finally apologizes, admitting she might have gone overboard with her words about Elena out of spite because she was hurt that Elena had drifted away from their friendship.  

Jasmine is on deck next. She doesn’t know whether she or Tonya are the proverbial elephant on this here beach (heeeee!), but homegirl’s gonna get this confrontation started. Jasmine feels like Tonya should have talked to her in private about her issues before “physically attacking” her, but Tonya just scowls and deflects while Jasmine blathers on. “You were disrespectful first,” snipes Tonya. The two of them scream back and forth, getting nowhere of course. Tonya shuts her down barking, “I don’t need to waste my time on conversation with you anymore!” whilst waving her marshmallow around on a stick. Which is just not a good look, by the way. So, being the bigger person didn’t work out after all, then?

The only happy attendees at this bonfire are, ironically, Briana and Matt, who are relieved that the heat is off of them for once. Something tells me that won’t last long, though! 


Photo Credit: Lifetime