Lizzie Rovsek On Meghan King Edmonds: She Over Stepped Her Bounds And Needs To Let It Go

Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek, the Real Housewives of Orange County voice of reason, shared her thoughts on the drama surrounding Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson in her blog. As always, Lizzie was fair and, a rarity, sane.

Lizzie admitted she likes Meghan because she’s strong-willed – “It takes a lot to take on Vicki,” said Lizzie. – and stands up for herself.

“However, I think this is a very sensitive subject,” added Lizzie. “We are talking about a life threatening illness and the love of Vicki‘s life, Brooks. I don’t have someone in my immediate life battling cancer, so I don’t know how I would personally react if someone wanted to tell me how I should be treating cancer. I understand that there are alternative ways to treat cancer – and there are very individualized treatment plans out there. I can see how it would be personal.”  


“The fact of the matter is that Meghan did overstep her bounds, into a personal situation with Vicki and pushed the wrong buttons,” said Lizzie. “I don’t think Meghan was concerned for Brooks‘ health, she wants to prove Vicki wrong. She even called Vicki a con artist to her husband Jim – and said it was her job to bring this to justice.”

Lizzie said, if Meghan doesn’t believe Brooks, so be it. She is entitled to her own opinion. But it’s how Meghan handled it that was shady. “I just think in the long run it would be more honorable and straightforward to come out and say, ‘I think you are lying!’, instead of pretending to be concerned for Brooks’ health or blaming it on a psychic,” she said. “I think Vicki can sense that and feels like Meghan’s concern is not genuine and does not feel like she is coming from a good place.”

Tamra and Eddie‘s sex party was entertaining to say the least,” shared Lizzie. Just, no. If by entertaining she means nauseating, then yes. “Tamra looked super hot and they were both great hosts. I think their sex tape, workout video was brilliant and original. Tamra and Eddie are a great couple and a lot of fun.”

Lizzie pointed out that Meghan didn’t start the drama at Tamra‘s sex party. “At this point I do think Vicki is overreacting and making the situation bigger than it needs to be,” she admitted. “I wish they would both just let it go. Now, we are throwing out all kinds of insults. I don’t agree with that. When Jim got involved in the conversation I have to be honest he made more sense than anyone. Jim was the voice of reason. He was very clear and diplomatic, and I think he gave great advice.”

I agree with Lizzie‘s take on Jim. He made sense (In this situation, anyway. His choice of nanny with benefits wife makes no sense to me.). I also liked that Jim called out Meghan for putting him in the middle.

“I said in my blog last week and I will say it again, I can’t let myself believe that anyone would lie about something as serious as cancer,” shared Lizzie. “I think we should trust our friends and be supportive of them especially in very difficult times. I think there is a time to talk and a time to step aside and let people handle their own business. I think Meghan needs to let it go.”


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