Juliet Angus And Marissa Hermer On The Downgraded Status Of Their Friendship

Ladies of London Juliet Angus

Round two of Battle of the Blogs between Ladies of London stars (and former BFFs) Juliet Angus and Marissa Hermer. Last week, Juliet and Marissa argued about Thanksgiving dinner. Now, in the aftermath of that argument, they have taken to their blogs to share thoughts on the status of their relationship.

But first, Juliet touched on Caroline Fleming‘s dinner party, I thought the cheese puffs must’ve been left over from a kid’s party, cheese puffs as an hors d’oeuvre at a formal dinner party? The meal Caroline cooked was absolutely delicious, she is very talented in the kitchen. I, too, was thrown by the Cheese Balls, but ultimately decided that Caroline the Baroness is bloody fascinating.


Moving on to her drama with Marissa…

When asked if she was surprised Marissa didn’t invite her to Royal Albert Hall, Juliet snarked, “I can no longer be surprised by what Marissa does, now that I understand what drives her. Underneath the glossy veneer, her actions line up perfectly to her motives.”

Juliet said tea proved to her that Marissa lacks empathy and the ability to compromise,”Tea was proof and culmination of Marissa’s way or the highway behavior – you’re either on the invite or you’re not. There is no give and take balance available from her nor empathy and compromise like in any healthy genuine relationship.”

While Juliet kept her blog short and sweet, Marissa went on and on and on.

Marissa, who this season comes across as cold, self-important, and obsessed with climbing the social ladder, fell all over herself to compliment and compare herself to Caroline the Baroness. “Goose Christmas Dinner is my favorite.” Of course it is.

She continued, “Actually Caroline’s sister is a dear friend of mine <of course she is> and every year we actually cook a Danish Goose Dinner together – it is my favorite. I am also a huge fan of Cheetos at dinner parties <of course she is> and actually I have just brought back some Cheese Balls from America <of course she did> to serve at my next dinner. I think mixing a bit of high and low at parties is fun – and very thoughtful of Caroline to add American Cheetos to the mix for the American ladies who were attending the evening.”

In the interest of fairness, Marissa didn’t gush over everything Caroline. She did mention that she prefers to hire help when she hosts dinner parties, unlike Caroline, so she can spend more time with her guests. I agree.

Ladies of London Marissa Hermer

Marissa said she was surprised Juliet felt slighted when she wasn’t invited to Royal Albert Hall. “After our Thanksgiving drama it would have been strange if I HAD invited her!,” she insisted. “I hadn’t spoken to her in a few weeks so for me to then reconcile with her while my family was in town for that event just wasn’t the right place – plus I never know if something is going to explode between us and though I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or exclude anyone, I just did not want any drama on that day.”

Marissa claimed she welcomed the idea of tea with Juliet, adding, “We hadn’t spoken to each other in a few weeks, so it is always good to communicate and get perspective about how someone else is feeling.”

The drama surrounding Thanksgiving served as a “reality check on the state of our friendship” for Marissa. “Juliet brings a lot of fun to any situation but she also brings a lot of drama – and during the holidays my ‘FUN’ cup runneth over, but as I was hosting my family in London, and working nonstop (the holidays are the busiest time of year for our restaurants, bars, and nightclubs), I couldn’t handle any more drama. I needed to take a step back and set boundaries.”

Juliet was the one who actually  described the new chapter of our relationship as BFF to F, but I couldn’t have described it more perfectly,” said Marissa. “We can still have fun with each other and enjoy each other’s company as friends – but without the pressure and the expectation of a best friend as we were clearly both disappointing each other and not able to deliver on the best friend level.”

Unpopular opinion alert: I like Juliet. She seems a little sad and a lot insecure, but I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. That icy grin Marissa had on her face over tea, however… sent chills down my spine. I’ll take an Eeyore any day of the week over that.


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