Below Deck Recap: Great Dane

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Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, when Don gets replaced with a hotter deckhand, it’s Rocky’s perfect dream! After Don Abenante’s departure and Emile Kotze and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota Bartlow’s drunkalicious failed date last week on Below Deck, it was time for some new blood. I think the correct term in this situation is “chum.” But beautiful chum, nonetheless!

Last night’s episode introduced us to Dane, and Rocky was all about him. Sorry Emile! Also, perfect, sweet, unassuming bosun Eddie Lucas suffered a hit involving his long-term, long distance relationship. The show begins with Rocky tackling a pile of laundry and dismissing Emile who is now trying harder than ever to win her heart. She needs maturity, experience, and someone who can handle his liquor. Connie Arias decides to jump ship from her cabin with Emile in favor of bunking up with Kate Chastain. Kate is thrilled because she’s much rather share living space with a friend than Don’s unknown replacement. In the kitchen, Emile shares with chef Leon Walker that he plans to head to California to win over Rocky’s family. Delusional, party of one? Leon joins the majority in thinking that Emile is clueless about girls, and Amy Johnson agrees as she hears Rocky’s recap of the date. There is a reason why Captain Lee Rosbach likes to keep yacht crew hook-ups to a minimum.


In anticipation of the upcoming charter, Lee calls the department heads up to the bridge to discuss the guests’ requests. Well-done meat…it’s going to be a long few days! Leon is excited for another opportunity to showcase his beef cheeks, and Kate wonders when the chef is going to start thinking outside of the box. With bad weather looming, the pressure to provide a good, fun charter is magnified. Meanwhile, Eddie is dealing with trust issues due to the knowledge that his girlfriend (who clearly doesn’t know a good thing when she has it!) cheated on him last charter season as Leon catches up with daughters via a quick phone call.

The crew takes their place on deck as the new charter guests arrive, with head guest Kevin ready for a party. Kate gives the guests a tour and tries to ply them with alcohol, but alas, their drink of choice has been left out of the liquor cabinet. Granted, the 1942 Don Julio they requested is hard to procure, but now Kate makes it her mission to get it on the boat. The guests are not happy about the oversight, but Kevin is still willing to open beer bottles with his teeth. After some buoy drama, the Eros is underway, and Lee is cursing his understaffed deck hands. As Lee handles that debacle, Kate is calling every liquor store in the Bermuda triangle trying to locate the elusive blend of Don Julio. The guests head to Hope Town on a day excursion as the crew awaits the arrival of their newest member. 

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Rocky has traded her crying, lazy antics for creating her own Broadway version of The Little Mermaid. “I’m ironing, and that is sad and awesome!” The girl has some pipes, I’ll give her that! New deckhand Dane arrives, and he’s got flowing locks, a valley girl’s cadence, and is excited for the experience. It’s a win-win-win! And just like that, crazy Rocky returns…Dane’s dimples will do that to a girl. Leon has finished dinner which is great…except for the fact it’s mid-afternoon and the guests are still on their day tour. He blames Kate for not telling him NOT to start dinner. Follow? Rocky works her feminine wiles with Dane as she remains handcuffed to the laundry room. The guests return to meet the new deckhand, and Kevin bites into his third beer bottle. That is talent, for sure. The guests retire early, which, to Kate, is the sign of a lame charter. Newbie Dane accepts the females’ guest invitation to join them in the hot tub, and sadly Emile has to be the voice of professionalism. 

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The next morning, the guests are enjoying breakfast as Lee breaks the news that the weather has created a true on deck experience. Rocky is adding “Ariel” to her repertoire as she sings and irons her way into Kate’s good graces. Learning of Dane’s faux pas the night before, Eddie reminds the new guy not to get so friendly with the guests. They don’t need Lee sending him home and leaving them shorthanded yet again. Peeved again by Leon, Kate retaliates by talking smack about his previous cruise ship experience to Emile as the chef eavesdrops from the next room. Emile reminds her to play nice, but Leon isn’t willing to forgive and forget when Kate questions the evening’s menu. The crew has planned a rave complete with an updated and slightly dirty version of Twister. At 10 PM, Kate is ecstatic to get a special delivery of Don Julio. It’s Kevin’s crowning moment, without a doubt. Tip ensured. 

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Am I crazy, or is Rocky actually embracing her job? She’s doing everything asked of her…and more, with a smile and a song. Amy couldn’t be more proud of her protege. As the charter comes to a close, Dane proves not to be the most efficient when it comes to docking. Of course, Dane’s mistake is due to Eddie’s lack of attentiveness. Lee is less than thrilled. He needs to be able to count on his bosun to make sure the deck hands are working to the best of their ability. Kevin and friends leave, complimenting the Eros crew and leaving a $25K tip. I’d take it! Off duty, the gang is letting off steam as Rocky enjoys a foot massage from Dane while grilling the newbie about his relationship status. Eddie and the captain relax in the hot tub. Eddie shares his relationship woes as Lee waxes poetic about what it takes to have a lasting marriage. Eddie relishes in every word his mentor offers as Emile wonders where he went awry. Why is his perfect woman enjoying the touch of some pony-tailed new guy? Emile’s attempts to convey his issues to Rocky leave him more confused. 


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