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Is it just me, or does Kim Zolciak Biermann look more plastic with every episode of Don’t Be Tardy. Someone needs to give her a tutorial on that make-up highlighting situation too. I just can’t believe that she still stands firm that she hasn’t had work done. It’s baffling.

Kim is frustrated because the family has made no advances on Brielle’s graduation party. She wants a carnival theme, but Kroy reminds his wife that carnivals are just snow cone machines and dunking booths out in the middle of nowhere. Kim has gotten three quotes from party planners which are all in circling the six figure range, but Kroy has shut down the users. I never noticed that he swears as much (if not more) than Kim. 


Ariana and chef Tracey are just in shock that Brielle is actually graduating given how little effort she put into attending high school. In a horribly scripted scene (I swear Kim was reading her lines off the computer screen), assistant Gloria comes in to sheepishly announce she hasn’t gotten a monkey for the big event. What? No monkey? Why in the world hasn’t she secured a monkey? Gloria passes off the blame on Tracey, saying the chef told her not to pursue the monkey. Kroy chastises that Gloria takes her orders from Kim and him, not Tracey. Kim cries that a monkey was the only thing she was counting on for the party, and the toddler that cusses all the time calls Gloria stupid. Tracey pretends that she never said such a thing, calling Gloria a blame shifter as KJ swears about the missing monkey.

dont be tardy tracey

Kim reveals that she’s reaching out to some of her contacts at E! to get Brielle’s foot in the door. She orders Gloria to keep her trap shut since this is a surprise. On the day of graduation, Kim is considering trying weed for the first time to calm her nerves. She is one percent excited that Brielle is graduating and ninety-nine percent upset that her baby girl wants to leave the nest. Kroy comforts a teary Kim who reminds him that she grew up poor with Brielle as her sidekick. Ariana reminds her mother that she’s an ugly crier. She knows she has nothing to lose…she won’t be getting a party when she graduates valedictorian. I do love seeing the pictures of Brielle’s graduation.

On the day of the party, everyone is pitching in to set up for the main event. Brielle complains to Slade that Gloria didn’t get a monkey. She is totally bummed as she wanted a selfie with the monkey for her new profile picture. As Brielle orders Slade to swing through a drive-thru for her, he wonders how she’ll survive if she moves to Los Angeles. Um, duh, Slade! You’ll be accompanying her to the West Coast. Slade chides Brielle that he has his own life and makes his own choices. Kroy and Slade are having issues with their carnival booths as Kim and Brielle sit through hair and make-up. The party is impressive, and Shun enjoys the mechanical bull. Kim has enlisted two members of the Prancing Elites, and Brielle is grateful for everyone’s hard work. There is a gag inducing pie eating contest that ends in a food fight. 

dont be tardy brielle

When KJ and Kash get older, Kim is in for a treat. Brielle is trying to wrangle the tykes around the pool when Kim breaks the news that she’s gotten her daughter an “in” at E!. Brielle is nervous about the idea of leaving Slade moving out west, but her mother reminds her that she needs to make decisions for herself until she has a ring on her finger. Just a few minutes ago, Kim was hoping Brielle wouldn’t leave the house, but now she’s moving her to LA to build a brand. Oh, Kim! 


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