Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Family Matters

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When this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is over, I think the cast should tour together on a motivational speaking tour. I’m sure the ladies’ discussions on empowering women and self-esteem would be priceless…and I thought I was bad! 

Moniece and her mother are working on their relationship, but Moniece doesn’t want to confront the past. She feels that her mother is judgmental and too hard on her. Her mom believes that Moniece’s priorities are out of line. Her daughter is too preoccupied with men and sex toys to put her son first. Moniece’s rattles off what’s important to her: music, singing, sex toys, Rich, working on her music. Um, what about son Cameron? Moniece tells her mother that she shouldn’t have to say he’s a priority…it’s a given. Her mom isn’t so sure, and she wants to meet Rich Dollaz before he’s allowed to meet her grandson. Moniece agrees, although she’s not aware that her mother plans to give him the third degree. 


Things seem to be better between Nia and Soulja Boy, but they are both worried about Nas continuing to insert herself in their relationship. Soulja Boy wants to the two of them to confront Nas together. Nia is hesitant. Is there anything she needs to know about Soulja’s past with Nas? She’s fine leaving it in the past, but she doesn’t condone his behavior. Nia can’t help but wonder why her former friend is so attached to her man child.

Amber is meeting with Miles, and she’s hoping that he’ll come around and get back together with her. She isn’t happy with his Instagram account that shows he and Milan traipsing around with women all over Hollywood. Miles hates that he seems to be leading on his best friend, but he’s not ready to share his relationship with Milan. Amber storms out of the restaurant as Miles wonders what is so wrong with telling her he’s not ready for a relationship with her. 

Shanda and Willie Taylor have recently moved to Los Angeles from Chicago so that Willie can pursue his dream as a solo artist after a successful run with the group Day 26. The family is living off of savings, and Shanda offers to go to work so their money can last longer. Hey, at least they’re getting that sweet VH1 cash now! After heading back to New York, Rich realizes just how much he misses Moniece. He’s decided to take the plunge and get a place in LA with her. Rich isn’t too keen on meeting her mother so early on, but Moniece believes that Rich could help repair the rift between her and her mom. Rich is hesitant but agrees.

Meanwhile, Nas is excited that Soulja Boy has called and invited her for drinks, but she’s not happy when he shows up with Nia on his arm. Soulja reminds Nas that Nia is his girlfriend, and Nas reminds Soulja that she doesn’t care who he’s with…he just needs to stop texting her when he’s on the outs with Nia. Nia requests the texts, and Soulja realizes he should have thought this meeting through a little better. Oops! After scrolling through Nas’ phone, Nia knows how her former friend could get the wrong idea. Soulja has totally been leading Nas on! As Soulja reminds the girls he can have any number of the women chasing after him, he also admits that he invited Nas over earlier and she declined. Nas expects a thank you from Nia for exposing her cheating boyfriend, but Nia starts calling her a whore and the two come to blows. Over Soulja. Bless their hearts. Once the girls are torn apart, Soulja apologizes to Nia. Had he known that things would go down this way, he never would have had her come along. Nia gives him the silent treatment but allows him to gift her with one of his gold chains he claims is worth $5000. Girl, your self-esteem is worth far more than that!

As Miles is moving into Milan’s place, he shares his worries about Amber finding out about his situation. Milan doesn’t understand why Miles is having such a hard time breaking the news to Amber when they haven’t been together in such a long time. Miles counters that the time frame doesn’t take away their long relationship and friendship. Milan threatens to tell Amber if Miles won’t, and Miles doesn’t take kindly that type of menacing behavior. However, he realizes he needs to tell Amber about his relationship with Milan before she can hear it from someone else. Across town, Ray-J is preparing for a new video with Lil’ Wayne, but the whiny Ray can’t focus based on his relationship woes. He’s losing trust in Princess after Teairra Mari told him about Princess’ Vegas invitation. Ray’s confidante warns him that Teairra may not have Ray’s best interests at heart…perhaps she’s trying to break up the pair to get Ray back. Nah, Ray know Teairra is just looking out for his best interests. 

Apryl Jones and Shanda are working out together and recapping their recent issues. Apryl has been touring with Omarion, and Shanda admits her financial struggles. She’s considering going back to exotic dancing to up their bank balance, even though Willie is opposed to the idea. Apryl agrees with Willie. Shanda’s kids are getting older and this is a town where everyone talks. That evening, Moniece is bringing her mother and Rich together over dinner. Immediately, Moniece’s mother starts in on his intentions and his player reputation. She reminds Rich that he’s forty and she’s forty-seven, so they need to be on the same page. Rich interrupts…he’s almost forty. My heart just fell into my shoes. I am the same age as Rich Dollaz. That’s it guys. I’ll see you on the flip side. I’m going into hiding for a while. Moniece’s mother asks why Rich has been arrested for not paying child support. He shouldn’t have “Dollaz” at the end of his name if he’s not providing for his kids. Rich is furious. She doesn’t know anything about his past or his situation, and he doesn’t appreciate her making assumptions. This dinner isn’t going nearly how Moniece had hoped. 

Going through the family’s bills, Shanda is worried about how quickly she and Willie are flying through their savings. She can go back to dancing and bring home plenty of money to provide for their children until Willie’s money starts to roll in, and he promises it will soon. He can’t stomach the thought of Shanda going back to exotic dancing. The couple argue, and Shanda storms out of the room with a teary Willie begging her to realize that if he needs her help, he promises to ask for it. Meanwhile, Ray is in Miami shooting his new video. What are you thinking, Lil’ Wayne? Ray brought Princess to Miami, but he didn’t invite her to the video set. When she arrives at his trailer, he’s frustrated. Ray is trying to focus with all the video vixens, and he needs to know why Princess is still messing with Teairra. Princess realizes that her game of telephone has worked, and she tells Ray she has no respect for him. She douses him with a bottle of water before sauntering off into the sunset. 

After not being able to tell Amber about his relationship with Milan, Miles comes home knowing that Milan is going to be furious. When Milan questions Miles’ whereabouts the night before and why he didn’t come home, Miles lies, saying he spent the evening at his aunt’s house. While he did stay at his aunt’s, he denies going by Amber’s. Milan admits to following Miles and seeing him stop at Amber’s house. Miles swears he didn’t go inside, but he’s peeved that Milan didn’t trust him. Milan is peeved that Miles lied to him…proving he couldn’t be trusted. I think they are perfect for one another. They have so much in common…including trust issues! Milan kicks Miles out of the apartment.


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